Information on the summer term

The summer semester has officially begun and the lecture period will start in a few days. In view of the past semesters, many students are certainly asking themselves how the summer semester will go. The following statements refer to the current status, which, like so many things in the pandemic, can still change.

Evidence: As things stand at the moment, no 3G certificate is required to take part in courses and examinations.… Read more

News about the campUSticket

Due to the amendment of the COVID-19 Protective Measures Exemption Ordinance ("COVID-19-Schutzmaßnahmen-Ausnahmenverordnung"), the validity of the university certificate also changes. For this reason, the campUSticket must be reissued

This is possible from 28 January and works in the same way as the first issue (bring your student ID and proof of immunisation!). From 3 February, only the new campUStickets will be valid.… Read more

stuvus survey on hybrid teaching in the winter term 21/22

Are you frustrated with the progress of the digital semester and want the semester to be better?

Then our current survey on digital teaching in the winter semester is just right for you!

You can participate in the survey until the 3rd of December:

In the survey you have the opportunity to indicate what is going well and what is not so well and what you need to improve your studies or which aspects of digital teaching should be kept for the future.… Read more

Hybrid teaching in the winter term 21/22

By now, you have probably noticed that the winter semester will unfortunately be a "transition semester", with at least 50% teaching in person and the rest as online teaching. Thus, one of our main concerns for this semester is to improve hybrid teaching. Unfortunately, there is currently no clear statement from the university about what online teaching should look like. In particular, however, for students who are abroad and cannot yet travel back to Germany, who have chronic illnesses or who cannot take part in face-to-face teaching for personal reasons, we believe that certain standards must be met and that online study must be possible.… Read more

Results of the vaccination status survey

A while ago, we conducted a survey to get an impression of the vaccination status of the students at the University of Stuttgart. This was partly because we students in particular, and younger people in general, were accused of a lack of willingness to be vaccinated and we also wanted to find out whether we should still organise vaccination offers explicitly for students.… Read more