Department for Sustainability

The goal and task of the stuvus Department for Sustainability is to create a greater awareness for sustainability within the student body and to make student representation activities more environmentally friendly. For this purpose, we cooperate with other units, subject groups, working groups, student university groups as well as with organs of the university. We are in constant contact with the Green Office and exchange information about sustainability activities at the University of Stuttgart. We are part of the Round Table Climate and advocate for a climate-friendly University of Stuttgart. Furthermore, we support a good networking of existing initiatives and projects in the field of sustainability, because only together we can make the university more sustainable.


Since our establishment at the beginning of 2019, we have already been able to implement a number of projects.
The completed projects as well as the projects we are currently working on are listed below:

Working Groups

The following stuvus working groups belong to the sustainability department:

Furthermore, the following working groups also have a strong reference to sustainability:

  • AK Fahrradwerkstatt (bicycle repair shop)
  • AK International Green Group (e.g. waste separation in the dormitories)

Mailing list »Nachhaltig am Campus«

There is an e-mail distribution list " Sustainable on Campus" (only in German). Here you can subscribe to the e-mail distribution list to receive information about sustainability topics from the various initiatives and people at the University of Stuttgart.

Knowledge Management (German only)

Naturally, there are often personal changes in the student community. Knowledge management is therefore very important, but not exactly easy. In a public wiki, in which everyone has read and write access, we would like to try to collect as much information as possible to make it easier to get started with the engagement for sustainability at the University of Stuttgart (currently German only):

Nachhaltigkeitsengagement an der Uni Stuttgart


David Kopp

Head of Department for Sustainability

Vivien Langhans

Deputy Head of Department for Sustainability

Jan Stein

Deputy Head of Department for Sustainability

Paul Joseph
Nadim Maraqten
Rafael Kniese
Falk Ramin
WG Sustainability and Reflection in Teaching
Nadim Maraqten
Rafael Kniese
Falk Ramin