For Students

Stuvus is a common entity of all students at Uni Stuttgart!

Here, we provide for you supportive material and handouts on current topics regarding your studies.

Furthermore, here you can find information on recreation rooms for students with children or manuals for dealing with our online services.

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  • Your studies
    Information on your right of reviewing your exams, information on online education etc.
  • stuvus-Newsletter
    You wanna know it all? Sign up for the stuvus-newsletter (German and English all-in-one). We tell you about changes in opening times of your canteen, remind you if there is a big event you definitely should participate in and inform you about opportunities for your financial funding.
  • stuvus-Notifications
    You wanna know it all? Sign up for our stuvus-notifications (only in German unfortunately). Here you can stay up-to-date on all the newest resolutions of the student parliament and the board.
  • Online-services
    Links to important online services for student groups (Fachgruppen) and students, manual for deleting your accounts etc.