Theatre excursion

Hello everyone!
As part of the 7th intercultural theatre festival "Made in Germany", we want to watch "Mediterranean Monologues" at the Studio Theater on 17 November 6 pm.

The Mediterranean Monologues tell the story of two politically resistant people who find themselves on a boat to Europe. They tell of brutal "coast guards" and dubious sea rescue services, as well as of activists who do something about the deaths on the Mediterranean.… Read more

Excursion by the student group History and GNT

The History and GNT student group is planning an excursion to Augsburg in the coming summer semester 2022 and you could be part of it! The excursion will take place on a weekend in June, from 10.06.2022 to 12.06.2022. 25 students can take part regardless of their degree programme and their affiliation to the History and GNT student group!

The plan is to leave Stuttgart around noon and arrive in Augsburg after about one and a half to two hours.… Read more