Department for IT Support

We—the Department for IT support—maintain the IT infrastructure of stuvus. For support, you can contact and for organizational questions you can contact our spokespoerson via

Everybody who wants to actively assist us finds a ready welcome. We present an opportunity for you to come to grips with a midsized IT system and gain experiences; for instance in the realms of network, storage, virtualization, backups, monitoring, user administration, mail server and more. The scopes in which you can contribute are highly versatile. A computer science course of studies is not required.

All of our servers are centrally configured and deployed automatically with Ansible. If necessary, we roll our own Ansible roles and modules for our services. We use git for versioning and code reviews in order to keep everything clear and readable.

We are open to your improvement proposals and ideas at all times. Please cast a glance at our GitHub organization or write an email in order to find out when and where our weekly gathering takes place. We don’t bite.

Our spokespeople: