Study opportunities

Dear students, you are looking for learning opportunities, need help with exam preparation or writing term papers?
Then you have the following possibilities:

  • Writing Camp: Open Library, Wed 9:30 - 16:00 in K2
  • Learning Room MINT-Kolleg: Tue 14:00 - 16:00 in CampusGuest, Thu 14:00 - 16:00 via Webex
  • Learning Workshop Chemistry on 4., 5., 8., 9., 29. and 30.08. and 01.09.
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Exam phase in the summer term and study rooms

The exam period of the summer semester is slowly approaching. You may have already written your first decentralised exams. In the meantime, most of the central examination dates have been set. The central examination period ends at the end of September, so hopefully you will have some time to catch your breath before the new semester starts.

It is important to note that the withdrawal period of 7 days unfortunately applies again during this examination phase.… Read more

Events in the summer semester

This semester, stuvus is once again offering a series of events with a colourful mix of informative workshops and social events. We would like to invite you to join us!

Some of the events already start this week, so take a good look at the dates, mark your calendars for what interests you and pass the information on to your friends!… Read more

New executive board elected

In the 88th session of the student parliament on the 20th of April 2022 (and in a belated election in the 89th session), our executive board was newly elected. It consists of people who were already active on the board in previous semesters as well as new people.

Voting members of the board this summer semester are Matthias (as chairperson), Jolanda (as deputy chairperson), Charlotta (as finance officer), Marco (as deputy finance officer), Marius, Felicitas, Philip, Anna, Fabian and Isabell.… Read more

9€ Ticket

You've probably already heard that the 9€ ticket will be available in June, July and August. For us students in Stuttgart, we could find contradictory statements online, which is why we simply asked directly. We have summarised the answers and general information here in a short FAQ.

Do I have to buy the €9 ticket separately if I have the StudiTicket?… Read more