Events in the summer semester

This semester, stuvus is once again offering a series of events with a colourful mix of informative workshops and social events. We would like to invite you to join us!

Some of the events already start this week, so take a good look at the dates, mark your calendars for what interests you and pass the information on to your friends!… Read more

New executive board elected

In the 88th session of the student parliament on the 20th of April 2022 (and in a belated election in the 89th session), our executive board was newly elected. It consists of people who were already active on the board in previous semesters as well as new people.

Voting members of the board this summer semester are Matthias (as chairperson), Jolanda (as deputy chairperson), Charlotta (as finance officer), Marco (as deputy finance officer), Marius, Felicitas, Philip, Anna, Fabian and Isabell.… Read more

9€ Ticket

You've probably already heard that the 9€ ticket will be available in June, July and August. For us students in Stuttgart, we could find contradictory statements online, which is why we simply asked directly. We have summarised the answers and general information here in a short FAQ.

Do I have to buy the €9 ticket separately if I have the StudiTicket?… Read more

The sustainability weeks at the university of stuttgart

Next week Monday it's already that time, the Sustainability Weeks at the University of Stuttgart will start! 🤩

The stuvus Department for Sustainability organizes with other initiatives a colorful and exciting program from 23.05. to 01.06. on Campus Stadtmitte and Vaihingen 🌱 You can expect lectures on various topics, cooking workshops and workshops on wax towels, a flea market and even a concert.… Read more

Information on the summer term

The summer semester has officially begun and the lecture period will start in a few days. In view of the past semesters, many students are certainly asking themselves how the summer semester will go. The following statements refer to the current status, which, like so many things in the pandemic, can still change.

Evidence: As things stand at the moment, no 3G certificate is required to take part in courses and examinations.… Read more