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Dear fellow students,

We are the Student’s Council of the University of Stuttgart (stuvus). stuvus consists of volunteers that organize events like the UNO or the CampusBeach, get involved in university politics and, of course, help students and answer their requests.

We currently work on the translation of our website ( in order to include as many students as possible and we publish posts on Instagram and Facebook both in German and in English in order to include international students as well. This inclusion is very important to us as we want to support international students during their stay in Stuttgart and we also think that everyone benefits from cultural exchange. Getting involved in stuvus projects also means that one makes many new friends which is especially great for international students.

Each month, stuvus publishes a newsletter that includes information about studying at the University of Stuttgart (e.g. during the corona crisis) and information about the student council’s current activities. The newsletter varies in length and content depending on the current situation. The articles in the newsletter are usually written by the departments and working groups of stuvus. Many of the articles’ writers have trouble translating the articles into English and the Department for Public Relations (which is responsible for publishing the newsletter) has neither the time nor the staff to provide an English translation for every article sent in. This is the part in which you get involved!

We are looking for a person or a group that wants to translate our articles from German to English. You don’t need a Bachelor’s degree or job experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a native speaker or not. The only criteria is that you can translate texts and that you enjoy voluntary work.  If you want to take a look at old newsletters (that are unfortunately only in German), you can find them at

More information about stuvus is available on our website ( and we are also happy to answer your questions via Facebook and Instagram (@stuvus.unistuttgart), no matter whether those questions are about this possibility to get involved or general questions. You can also send us an e-mail at

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

You don’t want to translate articles but getting involved in the student council sounds good to you? Take a look at our website and check if any departments or working groups sound interesting. Unfortunately, not all have been translated yet as we are currently working on the translation. However, if you have any questions, we are very happy to answer them.

Kind regards,

Your stuvus

Opening of the first RegioRad stations

The opening of the fourth RegioRad station took place on 02.09.2020. In addition to our Chairman of the Board Christopher Behrmann, our Rector, Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Stuttgart’s Construction Mayor Peter Pätzold, Baden-Württemberg’s Transport Minister Winfried Hermann and our Speakerof the Department for Mobility, Philipp Buchholz, were also present. Due to Corona, the opening ceremony had to take place on a small scale.

The RegioRad project was launched by stuvus in 2017 and was approved by the student parliament in July 2019. The idea behind it was not only to provide a sustainable means of transport, but also a cost-effective alternative to previous mobility and to make places on campuses more easily accessible. There will be nine new RegioRad stations in total. The stations opened so far are at the Audimax, at the University Sports Centre, at the ILEK and at the Aerospace Technology Centre.

The RegioRad stations will enable students to commute between Campus Vaihingen and Campus Stadtmitte, but also to reach other locations on the campuses more quickly. Of course, private excursions with the RegioRad stations are also possible. The advantage for students: Anyone who buys a Polygo-Card for €3 a year can ride a bicycle for 30 minutes free of charge and a pedelec for 15 minutes free of charge. If you reach a RegioRad station within the 30 minutes, you can return the RegioRad there and borrow a new one again for 30 minutes free of charge. This means that longer distances are also possible free of charge. If you don’t want to buy a Polygo-Card, you can find more options at

The bicycles are sponsored from the city’s contingent. stuvus is financing four fixed stations with terminals, four virtual stations with floor markings, 39 stands, 12 charging points and 12 pedelecs. The station on the S-Bahn on the Vaihingen campus is paid for by the city of Stuttgart. The costs for the other stations amount to €23,000 per year, which is equivalent to €1 per student per year. As this is a rather high expense for the student council and stuvus wants to handle the student fees responsibly, this was not an easy decision. This makes us, the student representatives, all the happier that the University of Stuttgart has agreed to take over a year.

Since the RegioRäder (the bikes) can of course also be used by university employees on site, stuvus would be happy if not only the students would pay their contribution to more sustainability and future mobility. All in all, the project received a lot of positive feedback: Prof. Wolfram Ressel and Winfried Hermann praised the student initiative and stuvus’ commitment. While the first students are already using the RegioRäder on the Campus Vaihingen, stuvus is of course pleased about the general positive acceptance and use of the RegioRäder.


Maybe you have already seen it on Instagram, Facebook or on the page of the Department of Sustainability: stuvus is officially participating in this year’s STADTRADELN. For this reason, the so-called Radelmeter on the right hand side of our website is also linked. So there you can always see how many kilometres the university team has already covered. The event runs from 07.09. to 27.09.2020. Did you miss physical activity this semester? You need a break and some fresh air because you’re studying for exams or writing a term paper? Register yourself, become part of the team and collect kilometres!

You can find more information here. You can also join the team “Uni Stuttgart” and the subgroup “stuvus” directly by clicking the “Join the team now” button on the site. In this way, the student council not only collects kilometres for the university, but also shows that students are the most active group 😉

FAQ about study rooms, exams and other topics

General information

Anything new on the free attempts?
The LAK (Landesastenkonferenz) wants to write a position paper. Currently there are no news from the university or the Ministry of Economics, Research and the Arts. As soon as we receive an update, we will announce it.

What will the winter semester be like?
It will be a mainly digital semester with a few courses for first-time students on site. Internships, labs and other small courses will also take place in person.

What do I have to consider for examinations?
There are exams with a cancellation deadline of up to 1 day in advance and also special corona regulations. You can find more information on instructions

Where can I print?
The copy shop “Kopierlädle” at Campus Vaihingen is open and you can print everything there. For the Campus Stadtmitte there are copy shops in the area around the city centre where you can print.

Who should I contact with technical problems?
The TIK is your main contact for technical problems. Contact information and short instructions can be found at

Who can I contact with questions about and problems with digital teaching?
The best way to contact the stuvus contact person for digital teaching is at

Who should I contact with questions about enrolment?
The Admissions Office is your contact for matriculation. You can find more information and contact details on the website of the Admissions Office.

Despite Corona, are there any events for the introduction of first semester students?
Despite corona, we are planning events to welcome the new freshmen at the University of Stuttgart. Of course, this year’s programme looks a little different than usual, but nobody has to forego his or her introduction. You can find current plans on The site is still being updated, so it’s best to check back from time to time.

How do I contact stuvus if I have any further questions or problems?
You can reach us with general questions (not specific to the study room) by phone at 0711/685-60750. We are happy to answer questions about the study room at 0711/685-60962. You can reach us by e-mail at We are also happy to answer your questions on Facebook and Instagram.

Study rooms

Where can I reserve a place in the study room?
You can find reservation options at Please note that new slots are uploaded once a week on the weekend. So if there are no free slots, please check again next weekend.

What should I do if I don’t want to use the booked learning room place after all?
Please cancel your place on the booking page as soon as possible to allow other students to use it.

When will new slots be uploaded?
New learning slots for the coming week are always uploaded the weekend before. To spare Ilias and to give as many students as possible a chance to get a slot, we do not announce the date and time. The new slots are uploaded by volunteers, so the time may vary.

Can I work in the learning room at the HdS in pairs or in a group?
No, it is a single study room. It is also not allowed to push chairs together in order to work at two tables but still together. The positions of the chairs are marked with an X on the floor.

Do I have to wear a mouth and nose cover in the study room?
As long as you are sitting in your seat, you do not have to wear a mouth and nose cover. You must wear a mask when entering and leaving the room, when going to the toilet and when moving around the room.

Can I study in the study room without having reserved a seat in advance?
No, you cannot. When you book a place, your data will be backed up according to the Corona regulation. In order to be able to trace a possible infection and to be able to notify you or the other students in the room in an emergency, it is absolutely necessary that you have reserved your place via Ilias.

Can I reserve a place for a fellow student or use the reservation of a fellow student?
No, that is not possible. Your data will be saved according to the Corona regulation. In order to be able to trace a possible infection and in case of an emergency to inform you or the other students in the room, it is absolutely necessary that you have reserved your place via Ilias.

Will further study rooms be opened?
We know that one learning room is by far not enough and that learning rooms are urgently needed. Therefore, in May we wrote a concept for the study room in the HdS, which was finally approved in the end of July. The decision about opening the learning rooms is not in our hands, but we are still working on it. At the moment we are working on the openings of a few larger study rooms. To be specific, this means: We speak with the University in official meetings about the study rooms, we measure distances, move tables and chairs, write hygiene concepts and try to get those approved by the University. You can support us by following the rules in the study room that has been opened so far and thus show that the study rooms are not corona hotspots but instead are well used.

Who do I contact if I have further questions and problems concerning the study room?
For acute problems and questions, please call 0711/685-60962, the number is also printed on information sheets in the study room. We are also happy to help you via Facebook and Instagram. You can reach us by mail at

stuvus activities during Corona

Is the bicycle repair station open?
Unfortunately the bike repair station is closed at the moment. As soon as a suitable concept is available and approved, we can reopen the workshop. We will inform you as soon as this is the case.

Can I get involved with stuvus despite Corona?
Despite and especially during Corona there is a lot to do at stuvus. Here you can find vacancies and positions. Of course you can also participate in one of our departments and working groups. You can find contact information here on our website on the respective subpages of the departments and working groups. If you have general questions, you can also contact us directly, for example via Instagram and Facebook.

Will there be a UNO (first semester’s party) this year?
Unfortunately, our beloved UNO has had to be cancelled due to the circumstances. We are looking forward to next year’s UNO and hope that you will join us then. However, first semester students will not have to start their student life without the usual events. There will be activities taking place for you, both by stuvus and by your student group(s) (Fachgruppe). You can find information about the main stuvus’ activities for first semesters here.

Next meeting of the Student Parliament

On the upcoming Wednesday the next meeting of the Student Parliament takes place (and of course it’s digital).

Topics include compensations for voluntary work, the founding of a working group, a resolution of principle on gender-sensitive language and the election agreement / election regulations. If you are interested, just enter the digital session.

For the invitation and agenda including Webex dial-in details click here.

The documents for the meeting can be found here.

So come by and have a look!

Information about the exams in the summer term 2020

The centrally organized exams of the summer term take place between August 3rd and October 24th. We as stuvus wish you all the best for the upcoming exams!
As with the rescheduled exam phase during the summer term, there are some special factors to consider due to Corona. You can also find all of these in the university’s hygiene concept.
Please also note that new examination rooms will be used this semester, including the sports hall on the Allmandring. There are also some other rooms that are used only very irregularly. Therefore, please inform yourself below how to find these rooms and plan enough time to find them.

Important rules for the exams

You can find all the regulations for the examination in this PDF, compiled by the Examination Office, and in the Corona guidelines for this term.

We have summarized the most important regulations for the exams here for you:
• Basically, the general strict hygiene and distance regulations apply
• Stay at home if you do
a) have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, sore throat and body aches, fatigue and chills
b) have been tested positive for the corona virus within the last 14 days
c) are under official quarantine
d) have had contact with a confirmed coronavirus case within the last 14 days
→ These 4 points must be confirmed in writing before the exam. The complete self-declaration can also be found here again.

Note: If you have a negative corona test, or can explain your symptoms in any other way (e.g. hay fever confirmed by a doctor), you may participate in the exam.

We would also like to take the opportunity to list the most important information about the upcoming exams:

• Withdrawal from the exams is possible up to 1 day before the exam without giving reasons
• If someone belongs to a risk group and has concerns about writing in the large examination room with all other candidates, he or she can submit a request to the examination board chairperson with a medical certificate for a separate examination room. Please submit the application early, as it still has to be approved and the examiners must organize the rooms. Frau Eicken, the representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, can provide information on this
• Problems regarding the deadline for orientation tests can be clarified with the examination board
• Oral exams are possible online in exceptional cases

Your cooperation is always required for all measures taken, so please all help to prevent the spread and pay attention to the following information:

• Keep distance
Please refrain from physical exchange with friends and acquaintances before and after the exams
wears masks when entering and leaving the examination rooms and buildings
• stick to the marked paths
• stick to the order of filling the seats
• Arrive ahead of time
• Please leave the buildings and campus promptly after the exam

You can find a summary of all the important behaviour guidelines in the following document:

We would like to thank you very much for your help and understanding.
Together as a university, we can enable a safe exam period!

Good luck with the exams!

Site maps of the Campi

You can also find all site plans here.

Map of the city center campus

Map of the Campus Vaihingen

Note: The Keltenschanze and Allmandhalle are sports halls. You can enter the Universitätsstraße 32 and 34 via the entrance at the reception, opposite the bus turning loop.

Map of the Böblingerstraße

Map of the Azenbergstraße

Hints for the individual examination rooms

Here you will find information about the individual examination rooms and how to find them. Please allow enough time to find the individual rooms. In particular to the sports hall at the Allmandring to which you need about 15 minutes from the S-Bahn station.

Plan K2 (Town center)

Plan PWR V7.01 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V7.02 und V7.03 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V9.01 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V47.01 und 47.02 und 47.03 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V57.01 and 57.02 and 57.03 and 57.05 (Vaihingen)

Semester Fee

The re-registration phase for the winter semester begins again from 15.07. Until August 15th you have the possibility to pay the semester fee at the university. The semester fee is 12 € higher than in the previous year and is now 200,40 €.
The reason for this is that the Studierendenwerk has increased its fee by 7 € and stuvus its fee by 5 €. We would now like to tell you more about our contribution increase.

The decision to increase the fee from 5€ to 10€ was not an easy one for the student parliament. All efforts in recent years to organize further projects and to actively involve more student groups have led to stuvus’ continuous growth.
Since stuvus has never increased its contribution in the past and the last semesters were already in deficit, an increase was now necessary.

Historically, stuvus started with a contribution of 9€. This quickly turned out to be too high, as the expenses were significantly lower than the income and the reserves were not to become larger than the expected expenses of a financial year. For this reason it was decided to reduce the contribution to 7€. But even with this contribution, reserves continued to be built up, so that it was finally reduced to the level of 5€. This contribution was to remain at that level for more than four years. Although the annual budgets have provided for a six-figure withdrawal from reserves every year since the reduction to 5€, the result in the annual accounts was always different. Only last year did the situation actually arise where expenditure exceeded income and reserves were reduced. When the new budget for the 2020/21 financial year was to be drawn up in January, the time had also come when the first considerations arose to increase the contribution. Due to administrative processes, a change in the contribution rules would not take effect until a few months later, which is why a contribution of 5€ had to be planned for the summer semester. All efforts in recent years to organize further projects, to offer students even more value for money and to actively involve more student groups have led to stuvus’ continuous growth. In the end, this also resulted in continuously increasing expenses, which is why the reserves should also correspond to this level. For this reason, a fee of 10€ was finally set at the 65th session of the student parliament (click here for the protocol). This fee is calculated in such a way that the fiscal year 2020/21 with a fee of 5€ (summer semester 2020) and 10€ (winter semester 2020/21) will probably also be in deficit, but there is sufficient security for the following years. The premise was that the new contribution of 10€ would also remain current over a long period of time. Further increases in the coming semesters are therefore not expected.

A general growth of stuvus has already been mentioned as a reason. In detail, this means that there are more student groups that actively support their students, more working groups that work on projects that are intended to offer added value to students on campus, and more departments that represent the interests of students vis-à-vis the university and other institutions. In the meantime, more volunteers are also active at stuvus. The practical result of all this is that there are more financial applications and thus higher expenses – and an increased administrative burden. In the end, we are happy to see that more and more students are benefiting from the projects that have been created through stuvus’ fee- both indirectly and directly. Projects that are paid for by stuvus and which we want to make available to students free of charge include, for example, regional cycling stations on the two campuses, which students can use free of charge, study calendars, which are also distributed free of charge, first semester introductions, which stuvus supports and thus makes possible in part, and much more. However, events such as CampusBeach, the freshmen’s party UNO and other major events will continue to be planned to cover costs – with income continuing to balance out expenses.

The only thing we can no longer claim for ourselves now is the long-standing title of student representation with the lowest contribution in the whole of Baden-Württemberg. In return, we will continue our efforts to develop into the student representation that best supports students.

Corona List of Demands of stuvus

Corona list of demands of stuvus. Summary:

The Corona crisis has hit some students very hard. Financial threats to their existence, general difficulties in dealing with the pandemic and coping with teaching in this situation are only a small sample of the problems that arise.

The student council of the University of Stuttgart (stuvus) would like to do everything it can to help you improve your situation. As stuvus does not yet consider the measures adopted by the federal and state governments to date to be appropriate, stuvus has drawn up its own list of demands based on the list of demands for the 2020 solidarity semester.

These demands were sent today to the Federal Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Science of the federal states and the rector of the university.

The central demands are the following. All demands can be found in the position paper.

For students who have no or limited access to digital teaching, who are volunteers in crisis management, who have to look after close relatives or students with chronic illnesses or psychological problems and who have therefore been slowed down in their study progress, we demand

  • to adapt the BAföG.
  • The extension of child benefit entitlement and family insurance for the duration of the crisis plus one month.
  • To extend scholarships for studies and doctoral funding in line with BAföG.

For students who are in financial distress due to the crisis, we demand

  • The right to social benefits under the SGB II ( ALG II).
  • that no long-term or second study fees, as well as tuition fees for foreign students are demanded. Furthermore, the deadlines for long-term study fees are to be extended by at least one semester.

In particular, the rights of foreign students should be safeguarded:

  • The proof of financing must be suspended and the residence permit extended, without taking into account the winter semester 19/20 and the summer semester 2020. The extension requirement for scholarships also applies. Foreign students must be given access to social security (BAföG/emergency aid). The transition period and the possibility for foreign students to look for work after their studies must be improved by providing them with an opportunity to work for a long period of time. Unlimited work permits must be issued during the 2020 summer semester and beyond. Foreign students who have completed their studies and who do not wish to return to their home countries for the time being due to the situation, should be granted an extension of their residence permit with the possibility of taking up employment in an unbureaucratic manner. The relaxation is to apply to students who have financial problems due to Corona. Students who have no or limited access to teaching, students who volunteer in crisis management, students who have to look after close relatives and students with chronic illnesses or psychological problems cannot participate in their studies as usual and should therefore be granted extensions of time limits with a hardship clause.

The positive progress in the field of digitisation should continue to exist and be maintained beyond the Corona crisis.

The federal states are called upon to put a stop to the underfunding of universities now. In particular, additional costs caused by corona should be covered.

Coronavirus: Information for Students in Dormitories of the Studierendenwerk

Dear students in the dormitories,
We are aware that there is currently no possibility to top up the student card with credit. However, this is necessary to use the washing machines and dryers in the dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.
We have brought this to the attention of the Studierendenwerk and are in close contact. The Studierendenwerk is working on a solution so that you can use the washing machines and dryers in the near future. Please inform yourself regularly on the social-media channels of the Studierendenwerk or at our channel.
Until then, we ask you to stay at home and help each other out in the shared flats. Do not drive to the still open top up machines!

Coronavirus: Current Information

Today, the Rector of the University of Stuttgart informed all students in an information letter by e-mail about the postponement of the lecture period, examinations, new regulations for withdrawals from examinations and the use of the PC pools. Please find the information letter attached here.

The key points:

  • Beginning of the lecture period expected April 20
  • examinations as scheduled
  • withdrawal from examination without giving reasons up to immediately before the examination date
  • public PC-Pools of the IZUS/TIK and the Casino IT closed

Please note the current information from the university.

In order to clarify the open questions and to develop measures, the university has set up a task force in which stuvus is involved and works on behalf of the students. We will inform you as soon as further information is available.