Workshop “Decolonize us! – Introduction to anti-bias and anti-racism work”

With the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a long-needed public discussion of racism has finally taken place in white people’s spaces. But after a short hype of showing solidarity, each individual’s commitment to “doing the work” has slowly fallen into oblivion. With our workshop series, we would like to give you the opportunity to start your anti-bias- and anti-racism work on a personal level.… Read more

Freshers’ Academy Stuttgart

The first weeks of our studies shape our entire course of study. We make friends for life, discover a new city, a new educational system and a wide range of offers. So it’s the perfect time to get off to a flying start with the BaWü freshers’ academy (Erstsemesterakademie BaWü zukunftsfähig)!
The First Semester Academy gives you the opportunity to network with other students and take a look behind the scenes of everyday university life even before the semester begins.… Read more

Fresher-Tips for a Successful Study

Under the title “Fresher-Tips for a successful study” we publish tips from students to students on this page. Thematically, it is always about other areas of student life. Thus first year students are given practical tips for a successful study on the way. The tips are always collected on Instagram in the stuvus story. So if you have been studying for a while and still have some tips in store, share them with us and the new first-year students!… Read more

Allocation phases for key qualifications in the winter semester 20/21

As you have certainly noticed, the 1st allocation phase for interdisciplinary key qualifications (Fachübergreifende Schlüsselqualifikationen) is already underway. In case you had problems prioritising your desired qualifications, you can now find a guide adapted to the new campus under the following link:

Here are the dates for the individual registration and allocation phases for the winter semester 2020/21:

1st registration phase: 14.09.… Read more

Translator wanted!

Dear fellow students,

We are the Student’s Council of the University of Stuttgart (stuvus). stuvus consists of volunteers that organize events like the UNO or the CampusBeach, get involved in university politics and, of course, help students and answer their requests.

We currently work on the translation of our website ( in order to include as many students as possible and we publish posts on Instagram and Facebook both in German and in English in order to include international students as well.… Read more