4 steps for online voting

The elections start tomorrow! From 28 June (10 a.m.) to 7 July (3 p.m.) you can elect your student representatives in the Faculty Council, Senate and Student Parliament. The elections decide who will stand up for your interests in the committees, which projects can be implemented, what your stuvus contribution will be spent on, who will be elected to stuvus offices, who will decide on the allocation of financial resources, and so on.… Read more


Elections 2022 - 28 June to 7 July!

In order for all of us students to be well represented, it is important that we not only all vote during this period, but that many students also stand for election. In the last few weeks we have published information about the committees and organised a committee information evening. However, if you still have questions about running for election or about the committees, please feel free to contact us.… Read more

Election results 2021

The results of the committee elections at the University of Stuttgart have been published. You can view the results here.

Many thanks to all who used their votes and voted! Unfortunately, the voter turnout has dropped compared to the last election. Nevertheless, we will continue to use the trust placed in the elected persons to continue to speak up for you.… Read more