Turnout of the 2022 elections

Who will represent you from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023? You were able to make this decision in this year’s university elections. A full 14.28% (turnout of the Senate) and 13.85% (turnout of the StuPa including PhD students) of you did so! The turnout is thus significantly higher than last year, but not… Read more

Studi-Tip: Elections

Last chance: The elections end tomorrow at 3 pm. If you haven’t voted by then, you won’t be able to do that. So, hand on heart: Have you already cast your votes? If not, please do so! Did all the election advertising pass you by, or have you managed to ignore it so far, but… Read more

Why is a high voter turnout important

You see election posters on campus, election calls follow you on Instagram and even in your courses your lecturers draw your attention to the elections. Why is that? In Germany, university elections achieve an average voter turnout of just 10%. If you compare that to the 2021 state elections (63.8%), the 2021 federal elections (76.6%)… Read more

What is the StuPaMat?

Do you want to vote, but don’t know who to vote for yet? Based on a tool for comparing parties in other elections, we created the Stupamat some time ago. What is the Stupamat? The lists running for the student parliament (StuPa for short) have positioned themselves on 23 theses. A few thematic examples: Should… Read more

Reasons to go vote!

This year’s election is the first university election in a long time with a presence on campus. We took advantage of this and not only put up election posters, but also organised an election information stand on the Stadtmitte campus. Yesterday, candidates and parts of our election team stood there, informed about the elections, motivated… Read more