News about the campUSticket

Due to the amendment of the COVID-19 Protective Measures Exemption Ordinance (“COVID-19-Schutzmaßnahmen-Ausnahmenverordnung”), the validity of the university certificate also changes. For this reason, the campUSticket must be reissued

This is possible from 28 January and works in the same way as the first issue (bring your student ID and proof of immunisation!). From 3 February, only the new campUStickets will be valid. It will then no longer be possible to take part in face-to-face events with the old campUStickets.

On Campus Vaihingen, the registration centre where you will receive your new campUSticket is located in the Haus der Studierenden (Pfaffenwaldring 5c, entrance at the back of the building). On the Campus Stadtmitte, you can get your campUSticket at K2 (Keplerstraße 17, in the foyer near the lower lecture halls). Both registration centres are open Monday to Friday from 7:45 am to 4 pm.

From 1 February, the basic immunisation (two vaccinations) is valid for 270 days. The recovered status is only valid for 90 days.