Working Groups


You like to dance, have a social evening and/or just like to dress up? Then a ball is just the thing for you! Unfortunately, there is no such thing at the University of Stuttgart. So we at stuvus have decided to change this situation! Of course, we need great organisers and helpers for such an [...]

Bicycle repair shop

Since the summer semester 2018, stuvus has had its own bicycle workshop, which is run by the AK Fahrradwerkstatt. The idea behind the stuvus bicycle workshop is to give students at the university the opportunity to carry out minor repairs to their bicycles themselves by providing tools. There is always someone from the bike workshop [...]


Calendar - Timer with added value The "study calendar" is much sought-after at the beginning of each winter semester and is an indispensable part of everyday university life for many. We start preparing it in the spring and work hard in the summer to ensure that the calendar is sent out to the new freshmen [...]

Campus Bees

Beekeeping on campus There's a lot going on in the bee house on the Vaihingen campus. The bee colonies have been busy there since July 2016. Here, students can learn the craft of beekeeping (and of course teach it to new fellow students) and manage the bee colonies. And the honey? It's delicious, we already [...]

Campus Falke

Counselling services offered by the University - Gitte Lindmaier (Student Counsellor of Faculty 9) introduces herself The Student Counsellors are part of QualiKISS (Quality Pact for Teaching - Individuality and Cooperation in Stuttgart Studies) and are coordinated by the Ombudsperson for Teaching and Doctoral Studies, Ursula Meisel. The project was limited in time and ended [...]

Campus Festival

To offer students another highlight in their university life, a campus festival is to be organised, as already exists at many other universities. This festival will be called "Unibeben". A weekend with everything that belongs to a festival is planned. The main part will be live music, of course, but the festival atmosphere should not [...]


Beach bar with holiday feeling We are the working group that plans and implements the beach project on Red Square at the Campus Vaihingen every year. In 2015 the idea was born to build a bar with a sandy beach on the Vaihingen Campus of the University of Stuttgart and to operate it during the […]


Music systems for student parties We look after a lighting and sound system and rent it out to student groups - at student prices. Whether it's a small party at home or a full-blown open-air stage, you'll find the right equipment here. And everything is well maintained and easy to use. If you're in doubt, [...]


Since the former Wittwer's space on the ground floor of the PWR 45 building is vacant, a sensible subsequent use is to be obtained that can offer students added value. Current plans include a use as a gastronomic area under the motto "Innovations", which will also be used for some special events under this motto.

Freshers Party UNO

FACTS Whether the UNO can take place in 2021 has not yet been finalised! Here are the preliminary facts: 18 October 2021 Admission: 20:00 Details can also be found at     ABOUT THE UNO UNO - The party of the year! - will not take place in 2020 due to Corona. However, we [...]

Green Canteen

The Green Canteen working group is engaged in promoting a more sustainable way of eating for students. To this end, the working group conducts information campaigns (especially flyer campaigns in the canteens) and is in regular exchange with the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart to advocate more sustainability in the canteens and cafeterias. The working group is assigned […]


The AK Makerspace is working on the development of an open workshop for students. There, students will have all the machines and tools they need to realise their private projects and gain practical experience. Contact:

Music rooms

You are desperately looking for a place to rehearse alone on the Vaihingen campus, because otherwise your roommates will kill you? You have just founded a band among yourselves and are now looking for a place where you can make music as you please? Then you are at the right place! Thankfully, we can provide [...]

New members

The Working Group for Young People is responsible for recruiting interested students for active participation in stuvus. The more students are involved in stuvus, the more we can achieve and implement. In addition, the active members of the board and departments change more often due to the nature of their studies, so recruiting new members [...]

Participatory garden

A community garden on the Vaihingen campus for students, university staff and residents. In the middle of the concrete desert, strawberries and lettuces grow in raised beds, tomatoes under protective roofs or potatoes in rice sacks. The garden is open to everyone, creating a space for sustainability, creativity and alternative ideas in the midst of [...]


At the end of 2020, we took over the Kopier[lädle] on the Vaihingen campus under the cafeteria. Since mid-April 2021, the same services as before will be available here by students of the University of Stuttgart for students of the University of Stuttgart at lower prices: Printing, plotting, scanning, binding, punching, stapling... Do you need [...]