Hybrid teaching in the winter term 21/22

By now, you have probably noticed that the winter semester will unfortunately be a “transition semester”, with at least 50% teaching in person and the rest as online teaching. Thus, one of our main concerns for this semester is to improve hybrid teaching. Unfortunately, there is currently no clear statement from the university about what online teaching should look like. In particular, however, for students who are abroad and cannot yet travel back to Germany, who have chronic illnesses or who cannot take part in face-to-face teaching for personal reasons, we believe that certain standards must be met and that online study must be possible.

As in previous semesters, we as stuvus would like to support you with problems concerning hybrid teaching in the transition semester. So if you think something is wrong with your course, or you have other problems, you are welcome to contact us centrally (digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de) or the student groups. We will then try to support you with your concerns.