FAQ on study rooms, exams and further topics


Any news on the free attempt?
The Academic Board of Studies (ASR) wants to raise the issue of the free attempt again with the university management.

How will the summer semester proceed?
There will be a digital semester with occasional on-site events. Internships, labs and some other small events will also take place in person.

What do I need to know about exams (status WS2020/21)?
There are exams with a withdrawal deadline of 1 day beforehand and special Corona regulations. You can find more information at stuvus.de/examinformation-2021.

Where can I print?
You can print at the former campus.guest on the Vaihingen campus (Universitätsstraße 32). You can find all the details at stuvus.de/hybride-lehre.

Who should I contact with technical problems?
The TIK is your contact for technical problems. You can find contact information and brief instructions at tik.uni-stuttgart.de.

Who can I contact with questions about and problems with digital teaching?
The best thing to do is to contact your department. Alternatively, you can contact the stuvus contact person for digital teaching at digitale-lehre@stuvus.de.

How can I reach stuvus with further questions and problems?
You can reach us for general questions (not learning space specific) by phone at 0711/685-60750. We are happy to answer questions about the learning space at 0711/685-60962. You can reach us by email at corona@stuvus.de. We are also happy to answer your questions on Facebook and Instagram.

Learning spaces

Where can I reserve a place in the study room?
You can find reservation options at stuvus.de/lernraum. Please note that new slots are created once a week at the weekend. So if there are no free slots, it is best to check again the next weekend. To book a slot, first go to Actions, then to Book and then select a free slot for your desired date.

What should I do if I do not want to use the booked learning space?
Please cancel the slot via the booking page as soon as possible in order to give other students the opportunity to use this slot.

When will new slots be uploaded?
New learning slots for the coming week are always uploaded the weekend before. In order to not overload Ilias and give as many people as possible a chance to get a place, we do not announce the time. The new slots are uploaded by volunteers, which is why the time can also vary.

Can I work in pairs or groups in the learning room?
No, it is an individual study room. It is also not allowed to push chairs together to work at two tables but still together. The positions of the chairs are marked with an X on the floor.

Do I have to wear a mouth-nose covering in the study room?
Yes, you must. The currently valid Corona regulation on study operation (as of 27.01.21) prescribes the wearing of a mouth/nose covering in work and study rooms. This must also be worn in the classroom!

Can I study in the study room without having reserved a place beforehand?
No, you cannot. When you book, your data will be secured in accordance with the Corona regulations. In order to be able to trace a possible infection and to be able to notify you or the other students in the room in case of an emergency, it is imperative that you have reserved your place via Ilias.

Can I reserve a seat for a fellow student or use the reservation of a fellow student?
No, that is not possible. When you make a reservation, your data is secured in accordance with the Corona regulations. In order to be able to trace a possible infection and to be able to notify you or the other students in the room in an emergency, it is imperative that you have reserved your place via Ilias.

Will there be other study rooms open?
We know that two learning rooms in Hds and soon in the Campus Guest are not nearly enough and that learning rooms are urgently needed. That's why we wrote a concept for the learning space in HdS in May 2020, which was finally approved at the end of July 2020. The decision on opening the learning spaces is out of our hands, but we continue to advocate for it. Currently, we are working on the openings of some larger learning spaces. In concrete terms, this means that we are holding talks with the university, measuring distances, moving tables and chairs, writing hygiene concepts and trying to get these approved by the university. You can support us by following the rules in the study rooms that have been open so far and thus show that the study rooms are not becoming Corona hotspots, but are being used well.

Who do I contact if I have further questions or problems with the learning room?
For acute problems and questions, please call 0711/685-60962. The number can also be found on information sheets in the learning room. We are also happy to help you via Facebook and Instagram. You can reach us by email at corona@stuvus.de.

stuvus activities during Corona

Is the bike workshop open?
Unfortunately, the bicycle workshop is currently closed. As soon as a suitable concept is available and approved, we will be able to reopen the workshop. We will inform you as soon as this is the case.

Can I get involved with stuvus despite Corona?
Despite and especially during Corona, there is a lot to do at stuvus. Here you can find vacancies and positions. Of course, you can also get involved in one of our departments and working groups. Just write us an email, give us a call or contact us on Instagram and Facebook!

KfW Student Loan for international students

Dear students,

You can only apply for the KfW Student Loan until 15 February 2021 at the latest - with financing starting on 1 March 2021. After that, it will be closed to international students again. Therefore, if you are in need of the loan, you should not let the deadline pass.

As part of the German government's Corona package of measures, the KfW Student Loan was made interest-free for everyone in May 2020 until the end of March 2021. It was also opened up to foreign students who were previously not eligible to apply. International students who are enrolled at a German university and have a place of residence in Germany can still apply for the Student Loan at KfW Bank until 15 February.

You can find more information here: https://www.kfw.de/inlandsfoerderung/Privatpersonen/Studieren-Qualifizieren/Finanzierungsangebote/KfW-Studienkredit-(174)/

If you have any questions about financing your studies, the social counselling team at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart will be happy to help you: https://www.studierendenwerk-stuttgart.de/en/counselling/social-counselling

Further information can be found here:

Website: https://www.studierendenwerk-stuttgart.de/en/about-us/news/message/kfw-studienkredit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=463124164872772&ref=sharing

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKyD2gfrX1E/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Information about the exams in the winter term 2020/21

The centrally organized exams of the summer term take place between the 15th of February and the 16th of April. We as stuvus wish you all the best for the upcoming exams!
As with the rescheduled exam phase during the summer term, there are some special factors to consider due to Corona. You can also find all of these in the university's hygiene concept.
Please also note that new examination rooms will be used this semester, including the sports hall in the Keltenschanze. There are also some other rooms that are used only very irregularly. Therefore, please inform yourself below how to find these rooms and plan enough time to find them.

Important rules for the exams

You can find all the regulations for the examination in this PDF, compiled by the Examination Office, and in the Corona guidelines for this term.

We have summarized the most important regulations for the exams here for you:

(a) are or have been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus, if less than 10 days have elapsed since the last contact; or
(b) show the typical symptoms of infection with the coronavirus, namely fever, dry cough, disturbance of the sense of taste or smell; or
(c) who, contrary to the Corona Ordinance, do not wear a mouth-nose covering.

Note: If you have a negative corona test, or can explain your symptoms in any other way (e.g. hay fever confirmed by a doctor), you may participate in the exam.

We would also like to take the opportunity to list the most important information about the upcoming exams:

• Withdrawal from the exams is possible up to 1 day before the exam without giving reasons
• If someone belongs to a risk group and has concerns about writing in the large examination room with all other candidates, he or she can submit a request to the examination board chairperson with a medical certificate for a separate examination room. Please submit the application early, as it still has to be approved and the examiners must organize the rooms. Frau Eicken, the representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, can provide information on this
• Problems regarding the deadline for orientation tests can be clarified with the examination board
• Oral exams are possible online in exceptional cases

Your cooperation is always required for all measures taken, so please all help to prevent the spread and pay attention to the following information:

• Keep distance
Please refrain from physical exchange with friends and acquaintances before and after the exams
wear a mask when entering and leaving the examination rooms and buildings and during the exams (medical mask or better)

• In the smaller examination rooms, there is regular ventilation (every 20 minutes), so wear appropriate clothing here if necessary.
• stick to the marked paths
• stick to the order of filling the seats
• Arrive ahead of time
• Please leave the buildings and campus promptly after the exam

You can find a summary of all the important behaviour guidelines in the following document:

We would like to thank you very much for your help and understanding.
Together as a university, we can enable a safe exam period!

Good luck with the exams!

Site maps of the Campi

If you are looking for the way to a specific exam room, we have recorded videos on how to get to all the main exam rooms. You can find them here.

You can also find all site plans here.

Not sure how to find the rooms and buildings on site? We have published videos of the routes to the individual examination rooms on our YouTube channel. You can find them here.

Map of the city center campus

Map of the Campus Vaihingen

Note: The Keltenschanze is a sports halls. You can enter the Universitätsstraße 32 and 34 via the entrance at the reception, opposite the bus turning loop.

Map of the Böblingerstraße

Map of the Azenbergstraße

Hints for the individual examination rooms

Here you will find information about the individual examination rooms and how to find them. Please allow enough time to find the individual rooms. In particular to the sports hall at the Allmandring to which you need about 15 minutes from the S-Bahn station.

Plan K2 (Town center)

Plan PWR V7.01 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V7.02 und V7.03 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V9.01 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V47.01 und 47.02 und 47.03 (Vaihingen)

Plan PWR V57.01 and 57.02 and 57.03 and 57.05 (Vaihingen)

Overnight accommodation during the exam period

You're writing your exams soon and don't know where to stay during the lockdown?

Don't worry, on this page we have listed some options for you where you can stay for a night for a small amount of money.

You can find important information on the Corona regulations here:

Overnight accommodation

International Student Hotel
Alex30 Hostel
  • Price per night
    • Shared room (with one more person) 13€
    • Single room  32€
    • Flats (4 people) 20€ per person
  • Reservation: info@alex30-hostel.de
  • Location: Stuttgart Olgaeck
Guesthouse ABZ Stuttgart
  • Price per night (single room with shared bathroom, self-catering kitchen and living room, including bed linen, towels and W-Lan) from 28€.
  • Reservation: info@gaestehaus-abz-stuttgart.de with regard to "stuvus"
  • Location: City centre near the train station Untertürkheim
B&B Hotel Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Price per night (single room with bathroom) from 48€.
  • Reservation: by e-mail to stuttgart-vaihingen@hotelbb.com with the keyword: "Prüfungsphase" and indication of date, first name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone.
  • Further information: Payment is to be made by the guest at check-in. The reservation can be cancelled free of charge until 18:00 on the day of arrival. A deposit is not necessary. Please show your student ID at check-in.
  • Location: Stuttgart Vaihingen
Youth Hostel Stuttgart
  • Price per night (including breakfast, prerequisite DJH membership (7€*) or partner association):
    • Overnight stay (including bed linen and breakfast) 34.20€
    • Half board (breakfast / dinner in the form of an international buffet) 40.40€
    • Full board (breakfast / packed lunch / dinner in the form of an international buffet) 44.20€
    • Guests over 27 years pay 4€ more
  • Reservation: via the website
  • Location: Stuttgart City Centre

*Depending on where your normal residence is, the price may be higher

Römerhof Stuttgart
  • Price per night:
    • 49€ incl. breakfast
    • 44€ excl. breakfast
  • Reservation:
    • incl. breakfast and 5% discount on the website.
    • excl. breakfast via e-mail and the keyword "exam period".
  • Further information: Cancellation until 2 days before arrival
  • Location: Stuttgart Vaihingen
  • This offer is only valid until the end of September, after that new information will follow

Do you have any further questions about exams?

Then write us an E-Mail: digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de.

Your hotel is not represented here and you want to appear on this page?

Then send us an e-mail to referentin-interimsmietkomplex@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de.

Hybrid Teaching

The upcoming winter term will be a transition semester. This means that 50% of it takes place in presence. To help you get around the term, we have collected some helpful Information and tips for your studies.

If you have got any questions concerning teaching you contact us via email: digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de

Problems with teaching

Unfortunately, problems with teaching continue to occur in this transitional semester: online-only teaching, face-to-face-only teaching, no teaching...We have compiled a list of possible problems, which you can find at: https://wiki.stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de/display/C19/Hybride+Lehre+-+Kommunikation. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Please report your problems to us.

We also welcome positive examples of lecturers who are making a great effort to implement digital teaching. If you know of such an example, please inform the lecturer in question, since praise should also be returned.

If you find that one of your lecturers does not follow the recommendations or your students complain, here is an overview of how to proceed. It goes without saying that there are good reasons to deviate from the recommendations in some places, but these should then be made available to the students:

  1. The students try to enquire with the lecturers
  2. The department collects the problems and questions of its students and passes them on to stuvus
  3. stuvus collects the complaints on a wiki page (please check if there is already a complaint for the subject so that there is no duplication)
  4. The department contacts the lecturer (digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de please in CC). We are also happy to help you formulate a complaint.
    1. Friendly advice if no feedback is received
    2. Feedback to stuvus
    3. Follow-up request to the lecturer if there is still no feedback
    4. Feedback to stuvus
    5. stuvus takes over the contact with the lecturer, the Dean of Studies and the Vice Rector for Teaching
    6. Feedback to the departments
  5. Problem should be solved

If you have any questions, please contact digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de.

Survey on the transition term teaching

More information about the survey in the winter semester will follow soon!

Now that we are in a transition term, we will conduct a survey on teaching and the overall situation as your representatives. Although the university does surveys as well, we wanted to know directly and openly from you how things are going and how you are doing. With the results we can then support our positions and arguments and hopefully achieve further improvements.

You can participate in the current survey here:

If you are interested in the results of the  survey, you can find them here: https://stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de/tag/umfrage/

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions regarding digital teaching and the digital semester, please feel free to contact your department or us at digitale-lehre@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de. We will then try to help you within the scope of our (volunteers') possibilities.

Since, as described above, we all work voluntarily in the student council, we are always happy to welcome new motivated and committed students to our ranks. So if you feel like getting involved - how much time you can and want to spend is up to you - just have a look at our website and get inspired or contact us directly.

New at the University of Stuttgart? How to successfully start (digitally)!

Here you will find helpful tips and instructions on the introduction of digital services:


Students in special life situations during the Corona period

Are you in a special situation in life, for example due to caring for relatives or a chronic illness? In the following document you will find  information and details about the relevant contact persons:

englisch_Handreichung2.0_WS20_21_Studierende in besonderen Lebenslagen

Ilias course Living, Learning & Networking

All important information on (digital) teaching and a forum can be found here:


Study Rooms

Unfortunately there are still only a few study rooms available at the moment. You have to book a place at stuvus.de/lernraum. We work daily to open more learning rooms for us students.

On site, you will also have to sign in and out with your student ID card (CactUS; note information on site, devices are right next to the door).

Tips and Tricks for the (digital) Semester

In order to make your start into the semester as good as possible, the departments of German Studies and Linguistics have joined forces to produce a guide entitled "Tips and Tricks for the Digital Semester", which is intended to make digital teaching easier for both first-year and advanced students.

You can find it here:

 Tips and tricks for the digital semester at the University of Stuttgart_English

Printing opportunites on the campus Vaihingen

We, the student representatives, together with the Vice Rectorate for Information Technology, the TIK and the Division 6 - Engineering and Constructions, were finally able to find a solution.

In the former campus.guest a room with 3 printers was set up (Universitätsstraße 34, building complex near the bus loop). In the future this room will be open for printing from 7 to 22 o'clock. Please note the directions in the attachment!

In order to avoid crowding and to comply with the regulations, you must book a time slot (15 minutes each) in ILIAS (stuvus.de/lernraum) beforehand and then you may print at this time. On site, you must also sign in and out with your student ID (CactUS; see information on site).

The printers can be used as before (student ID terminal, etc.). However, you must clean the printer with the cleaning material provided before and after using it.

Masks are also compulsory in the building.

The hygiene concept can also be found in ILIAS (https://ilias3.uni-stuttgart.de/goto.php?target=cat_2091674).

Printing opportunites on the campus Stadtmitte

Together with the Prorectorate of Information Technology, the TIK, the Occupational Health Service and the Department 6 - Technology and Buildings, we, the student representatives, were finally able to find a solution for the city centre.

From Tuesday, 06.04.2021, it will be possible to print on two machines in the foyer of K1 (Keplerstraße 11) between 8:00 and 15:00.

Access is via the side entrance in the direction of Keplerstraße 7, where there is an electric lock that can be opened with your student ID. Exit via the other door in the direction of Keplerstraße 7.

In order to avoid crowding and to comply with the regulations, you must book a time slot (15 minutes each) in ILIAS (stuvus.de/lernraum) beforehand and then you may print at this time. On site, you must also sign in and out with your student ID (CactUS; see information on site).

The printers can be used as before (student ID terminal, etc.). However, you must clean the printer with the cleaning material provided before and after using it.

Masks are also compulsory in the building.

The hygiene concept can also be found in ILIAS (https://ilias3.uni-stuttgart.de/goto.php?target=cat_2091674).

Information on the inspection of exams

Examinations are an important part of the studies. Accordingly, the inspection of examinations already taken can be correspondingly important. However, we have heard that not everyone at the Universität Stuttgart is aware of their rights and obligations regarding the inspection of examinations:

Is it allowed to take notes or make copies of the exams? Can someone else look at my exams for me? In order to answer such questions, we addressed this issue at the end of 2017.

After considerable efforts by the student representatives, the Senate Committee on Teaching and Continuing Education finally produced a "Guidelines for Exam Inspection" in December 2018. This was developed at the suggestion of and in agreement with the student representatives of the University of Stuttgart. In future, the guide is intended to inform all members of the university who are involved with the subject matter and to support them in the implementation of examination insights. Faculty or institute-wide regulations which do not contradict the legal regulations listed in this guide will of course remain valid. You can find the guide under this link on the following page:


Unfortunately the guide is currently only available in German. If there is something in it that is not understandable, please feel free to ask us a question.


Should you have any further questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us:


If you are looking for help, guidance or a contact person, you find these here: https://stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de/hilfe