Studi-Tip: Elections

Last chance: The elections end tomorrow at 3 pm. If you haven't voted by then, you won't be able to do that. So, hand on heart: Have you already cast your votes? If not, please do so!

Did all the election advertising pass you by, or have you managed to ignore it so far, but would now like to make your contribution to democracy at our university?… Read more

Studi-Tip: Everything about the exam abbreviations

Are you about to register for exams or have you had a look at your exam regulations or macro structure and are overwhelmed by the maze of abbreviations? This post is intended to help you understand the individual terms relating to examinations.

Basically, a distinction must be made between course work (Prüfungsvorleistungen, USL, BSL) and examination work (Modulprüfungen, LBP). Prüfungsvorleistungen and USL are graded as "participated with success" or "participated without success".… Read more


Elections 2022 - 28 June to 7 July!

In order for all of us students to be well represented, it is important that we not only all vote during this period, but that many students also stand for election. In the last few weeks we have published information about the committees and organised a committee information evening. However, if you still have questions about running for election or about the committees, please feel free to contact us.… Read more

Studi-Tip: How does the university library work?

In the coming months, the university library (UB) will be holding a number of information events. Everything about the library will be explained there. You can find the events in the "Learning & Working" section under "Introduction to using the University Library/Webseminar" on the UB website.

If you do not have time to attend the events, here is the most important information:

In principle, you can borrow a wide variety of literature formats with your student ID.… Read more

Studi-Tip: Following up on lectures

We were asked by you how best to follow up on the lectures. Basically, it is of course very helpful that you first attend the lectures. There you get a first overview of the content and what the lecturer emphasises. But of course, it doesn't stop with attending the lectures. It may be that the lecture went too fast for you or that you didn't understand something.… Read more