The opportunities to get involved with stuvus are diverse and exciting – whether in the departments, each of which deals with a specific topic, or in the various working groups ( Arbeitskreise, AK), which implement a specific project. Do you have specific suggestions for improvement, want to implement an exciting project as part of a great team or just want to have a look at what stuvus has to offer? Then get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in a wide range of topics, you will find a suitable task as a board member. You can find more information and contact details here.

participate! - Course-related

student group (Fachgruppe)

The student groups are your contact persons for topics related to your degree programme and are largely responsible for shaping your campus life and your studies. You can find a list of all subject groups with a search function for your degree programme on this overview page.

participate! - Interdisciplinary

Committees, Departments & Working Groups


There are a number of committees at the University of Stuttgart that represent students in university life. In general, these are:

The Executive Board

The executive board is the executive body of stuvus (student representation of the University of Stuttgart). That means – among other things: It implements resolutions of the student parliament (StuPa), drafts the budget and takes care of the stuvus staff.

The Student Parliament

The student parliament (StuPa) controls the executive board of the stuvus and is the legislative body of the student body.

The Senate

The Senate makes central decisions, such as appointing new professors, the research orientation at the university or the establishment or revision of degree programmes. It is supported by the Academic Student Council (ASR) as the interface between the stuvus and the senate, responsible for the allocation of some funds and all topics related to teaching.

Together, these bodies ensure that students and their needs are represented in university policy and that their concerns are communicated.

The work of the central committees is supported by units and working groups dedicated to specific topics. If you would like to specialise in a particular topic, this is definitely the right place for you!


The departments are subgroups of the stuvus, which are dedicated to certain issues. These include, for example, looking after IT or promoting the idea of sustainability at the university.

Working groups

Working groups deal with a wide variety of topics that affect us students, the university, or life on campus in general.

  • CampusBeach
    Beach bar directly on the Vaihingen campus. By students for students!
  • Campus Bees
    Beekeeping directly on the Vaihingen campus!
  • Campus Falke
    The student newspaper of the University of Stuttgart
  • Campus Festival
    Organisation of a festival directly on campus
  • Cräsch
    Equipping countless events and parties at the university with light and sound equipment
  • Printing
    A copy shop by students for students
  • Freshers Inauguration
    We want you to have a great start at university
  • UNO freshers’ party
    The freshers’ party at the University of Stuttgart, every year in October
  • Bicycle repair shop
    Help for students to repair bicycles and sometimes unicycles – at cost price!
  • frei[raum]
    The Start-Up Cafe on the Vaihingen Campus
  • Calendar
    Responsible for the preparation of the study calendars, which are available at the beginning of each winter semester
  • Participatory Garden
    The open garden for all members of the university
  • Music room
    The music room tutor is responsible for the music rooms and their maintenance
  • New members
    The working group helps us get new volunteers for our work

You don’t have a concrete idea of what you want to do yet? Click here to see the vacancies at stuvus: