Counselling and help

Counselling centres

The Central Student Advisory Service is the professional advisory service of the University of Stuttgart for all concerns of prospective and current students.

You can find more information here.
Telephone: 0711 685-82133

The Ombudsperson is a neutral and confidential point of contact for all members of the University who wish to seek support in the event of conflicts in everyday University life.

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Dr. Ursula Meiser
Phone: 0711 685-81007

The Disability Officer advises students and prospective students with disabilities or chronic illnesses on everything from accessibility to study organisation.

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Sigrid Eicken
Phone: 0711 685-8253

The Service Uni & Familie in the Equal Opportunities Office is the central point of contact for all employees and students of the University of Stuttgart for questions regarding the compatibility of work, studies and family.

Important information and further training opportunities for students with family responsibilities are available on a portal set up for this purpose.

Inken de Witt
Phone: 0711 685-84037

The reason why students from non-academic families are relatively underrepresented at German universities is not their lack of talent. Rather, there is a lack of role models in the family environment. Access to the necessary information is much more difficult for them. meets this challenge by providing comprehensive, diverse and easily accessible support for pupils, students and parents.

You can find more information at or at

Jaana Espenlaub.

Federal State Coordination

Phone: 0711 88810062
Mobile: 0151 65496286

Every two weeks, a professional career counsellor is on site at the Vaihingen campus to give advice to students, students in doubt and graduates of the University of Stuttgart. The talks take place in the students' house at Pfaffenwaldring 5c. If you are interested, you can simply make an appointment in advance.

More information, current dates and contact details are available at:

Where can I find help?

Are you looking for help?

You have been discriminated against and are looking for support to take action against it?

You have been harassed and want to confide in someone?

Here we have collected contact persons for different cases. If you don't know who to contact, have a different problem or would like to talk to students for the first time, you are always welcome to contact the Department for Social Affairs and Counselling.

Sexual discrimination

Racist, ideological, religious and ethnic discrimination

The Equal Opportunities Department is committed to the "actual implementation of equal opportunities for women and men" and offers counselling and information for students and university employees with family obligations as well as funding opportunities for female students and junior academics.

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Beate Langer - Equal Opportunities Officer
Phone: 0711 685-84034

Prof. Dr. Nicole Radde - Equal Opportunities Officer
Phone: 0711 685-84648

For cases of sexual discrimination, harassment or violence, official contact persons have been appointed by the university management.

You can find more information here.

Christine dos Santos Costa
Phone: 0711 685-66468

Dr. Klaus Dirnberger
Phone: 0711 685-64437

She advises and supports the university management in implementing the Equal Opportunities Act. She is the contact person for women and men in the area of compatibility and family, care and work. She pays attention to the targeted, legal promotion in areas in which women are under-represented.

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Edeltraud Walla
Phone: 0711 685- 84036

In cases of discrimination in particular on racial grounds, ethnic origin or religious and ideological identity, you can contact the anti-discrimination contact person.

You can find more information here.

Dr. Barbara Unteutsch
Phone: 0711 685-82156

The staff of the International Affairs Department in the International Centre are happy to assist international students with advice and information for their studies or everyday life.

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You can find contact persons here.

Rest rooms and parent-child rooms

The quiet room or parent-child room is located in the the parent-child room is located in the Haus der Studierenden (HdS), Pfaffenwaldring 5c, in room 4.006 and is available to students with disabilities or chronic illnesses as well as pregnant women and students with children. It is intended to enable the students concerned to take the rest periods they need and to provide them with a place to retreat. Access is barrier-free.

The room is equipped with a couch, a desk, a telephone and a washbasin. There is also a small play corner in the room.

The room can be used by several people at the same time by arrangement. There is also a sign on the door indicating whether the room is occupied.

Are you interested in this room? The following contact persons are at your disposal:

Contact person for parent-child room or as nappy-changing/breastfeeding room.

Inken de Wit

Service Uni and Family

Phone: 0711-685 84037


Contact person for peace and retreat

Sigrid Eicken

Representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

Telephone: 0711-685 82531


The key is available in the HdS from the following persons:

Monika Rupp (stuvus) : Room 4.009

Ulrich Eggert : Room 4.021

Sigrid Eicken : Room 4.028

    • The keys will be handed back to the persons or thrown into a letterbox on the 4th floor

If no one is available, the key can also be collected from the Central House Service in the ground floor foyer, room 0.364.

    • Return the key to the house service or, by arrangement with the house service, to the security service in room 0.362

Further information:

The quiet room in the city centre is located at Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24 C on the 1st floor, room number 1.124. The room can be used as:

    • Rest room for disabled and chronically ill people as well as for pregnant women
    • Breastfeeding and nappy-changing room

Two couches with privacy screens, an armchair and a desk are available for this purpose.

The room may be used by students and employees of the University of Stuttgart. It can be used once, several times or regularly. This room is not intended for all-day use. There is currently no pre-registration for the room.

You can get a key here: people/places.


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