Ersti letters 2023

Recently, some stuvus volunteers have turned a seminar room into a post office and have diligently packed numerous first-year letters. We use them to welcome first-year students to our university and send them initial information. The letter contains a joint letter from Prof. Ressel, our rector, and Anna Dannecker, chairperson of the stuvus board, a university information brochure and various products from our freshers' introduction and freshers' party working groups, as well as from the Department for Public Relations and the @studierendenwerk_stuttgart.If

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Beach end 2023

As you have surely felt yourselves, the summer temperatures have disappeared in the last weeks and have given way to autumnal weather. This means that Campus Beach 2023 is coming to an end.

From the end of April to mid-September, our AK
CampusBeach transformed the so-called "Red Square" on the Vaihingen campus into a beach bar. On a lot of sand a lot of drinks, ice cream and snacks were sold during the last months.… Read more

Hiwi for Kopier[lädle] wanted

You are not afraid of printers? Are you still looking for a student assistant job for the coming semesters? - Then we have something for you:

To run the kopier[lädle], stuvus invites applications for four positions, initially limited to the coming winter semester and the summer semester.

The kopierlädle has been providing various printing services for students on the Vaihingen campus for years.… Read more

Freshman Orientation

Dear first-year students, welcome to the University of Stuttgart!
Maybe you heard about us through your first-year letter, siblings or acquaintances, or maybe the Instagram algorithm had a hand in it. We'll be welcoming you officially and personally on 10 October at 10 a.m. at the Avete Academici in the Liederhalle, but we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.… Read more

Orga meeting for the UB demo

"No light at the end of the tunnel yet…" is the title of a post by @ubstuttgart from 22.03.2022. How apt this formulation was became apparent at the latest recently, when the UB staff had to get out their headlamps and the reading room was closed again.
In July, a small demonstration took place where students at the University of Stuttgart demanded better funding for the library, as some literature was cancelled and no longer purchased due to cutbacks.… Read more