stuvus Meeting

On Thursday, March 30, the stuvus session will take place starting at 6 p.m. in room V5.03 Pfaffenwaldring 5c.

What is the stuvus meeting? At the stuvus meeting, starting at 6 p.m., the various groups (subject groups, units, working groups and the executive board) meet and exchange ideas on various topics of student representation. Among other things, the stuvus meeting also recommends to the board the recognition and de-recognition of university groups, and field trips sponsored by stuvus are presented at the meeting.… Read more

Examination withdrawal due to the strike

As you have probably already heard, there will be a major strike on Monday in local and long-distance public transport and disruptions to freeway traffic. This is expected to make travel to the exams more difficult. If you do not receive any other information from your examiner, your exam will take place as planned on Monday. Therefore, the University will implement an accommodating arrangement to mitigate the adverse effects.… Read more

BundID – how does it work?

To apply for the €200 one-time payment, you need a BundID account. The BundID is supposed to be a secure, digital identification for the application. But how do you create an account?

First, go to the website and click on "Create account". For the creation you need your online ID OR the Elster certificate OR your personal PIN. You create the Elster certificate at Elster.deRead more

Summary of the 101st StuPa

On Wednesday, February 8th, the 101st meeting of the Student Parliament (StuPa) was held. During the meeting, the budget for the "Springbreak" summer semester opening party was approved. The event will take place on April 21st in the city center of K2. Additionally, there was a request to renovate the kitchen in the stuvus building of the "hellblaues Nilpferd" on the Vaihingen campus.… Read more

Sustainability Weeks

Planning for this year's Sustainability Weeks (@hochschule_n_bw) has begun! The initiative aims to promote sustainable thinking and action at universities in Baden-Württemberg, to make existing commitment visible and to encourage students to become active themselves. For more information, visit

The Sustainability Weeks at the University of Stuttgart will take place from June 19 to 25. We are still looking for active support to put together a varied program.… Read more