Executive Board

The board acts as the executive body of stuvus, which is composed of the chair and the committee members.

Examples of its responsibilities are:

  • the implementation of decisions made by the students’ parliament
  • the drafting and implementation of the budget
  • staffing decisions

Contact: vorstand@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de

Chair of the Board

Chair of the “bored”? That sounds so… boring! But what do they actually do??

The chairman of the board is the legal representative of the entire student body. They are the head of the executive body and they alone have the responsibility of external representation of Stuvus. In addition to those tasks, they lead board meetings, act as the direct superior to our employees, and are the first point of contact in all board matters. In other words, the job is very important and requires a lot of responsibility.

And what does that actually mean?

Alongside both the pre- and post- meeting responsibilities, there’s a lot of work to be done dealing with a lot of different people. Reaching agreements, clearing up ambiguities, and asking questions are a part of everyday life. Communication is, of course, the Alpha and Omega in this position. As chair, one should always have a clear vision of what is going on within working groups and during presentations. For this reason, the chair often also takes on the role of a mediator/coordinator. All in all, it can be an exciting job that continues to provide challenges and bring with it ever-changing tasks.

You’ve got further questions? Send a message to vorstandsvorsitzende@stuvus.uni-stuttgart.de!

Our board members