Information on exam insights

Exams are an important part of studying. Accordingly, it can also be important to view exams that have already been taken. However, we have heard that not everyone at the University of Stuttgart knows what rights and obligations there are with regard to viewing exams:

Is it allowed to take notes or make copies of exams? Can someone else look at my exam for me? In order to answer such questions, we took up this issue at the end of 2017.

After lengthy efforts on the part of the student representatives, the Senate Committee on Teaching and Continuing Education finally drew up a “Guideline for Exam Insights” in December 2018. This was developed at the suggestion of and in agreement with the student representatives of the University of Stuttgart. In the future, the guideline is intended to inform all members of the university who are involved in the topic and to support them in the implementation of examination inspections. Faculty- or institute-wide regulations that do not contradict the legal regulations listed in this guide will of course remain valid. You can find the guide at this link. Further information on exams you can find on the following page:

Unfortunately, the guide is currently only available in German. If there is anything in it that you do not understand, please feel free to ask us a question about it.

On 14.07.2021 we offered a workshop on the topic for the first time. You can find the slides here: 2021-07-14-workshop_exam-insights


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