You are new to the University of Stuttgart?

Then you are very welcome!

You certainly have a lot of questions and are overwhelmed by the many new things you are learning and have to find your way around. To make the start at the university easier, we will try to give you an overview of the most important topics. Much of this information can also be found in the freshers presentation. The version from 2020 can be downloaded here.



Tel.: 0711-685 83055

Haus der Studierenden
Pfaffenwaldring 5C
70569 Stuttgart

Orientation Week

When? 26 - 31 October 2020

Despite Corona, we have also organised a varied programme for your first week at the University of Stuttgart, from the official introductory events to rallies across the campus and through the city to various lectures and workshops.

Here you can also find the slides for the C@mpus/Ilias introduction and the WebEx introduction.

Here you can find a very helpful introduction on how to put your name down for lectures and create your timetable:

Further Important Information

All important information on digital teaching as well as a detailed guide for Webex, C@mpus and Ilias can be found on the following website

All important information about the upcoming freshers orientation week can be found in the Ilias section.

There you can also exchange information with your fellow students.

Buddy/Mentoring-Programm for freshers

Are you unsure how you will gain a foothold at the university in the coming 1st semester despite Corona and hwo you will get to know your fellow students and higher semesters?

Then the Buddy/Mentoring Programme is just the right thing for you!

It's best to ask your faculty whether they offer such a programme. Alternatively, you can contact the Centre for Teaching and Continuing Education (Zentrum für Lehre und Weiterbildung) by e-mail ( Please write "searching for Corona-Buddy" in the subject line to enable a matching.

Erstsemesterakademie BaWü zukunftsfähig

Directly before the general introductory events, this year for the first time the "Erstsemesterakademie BaWü zukunftsfähig" (German only) will take place. In a varied program we will spend 5 days dealing with "Zukunftsfähigkeit" (sustainability) and make your start into your study life something very special!

Introductory presentation

Right at the beginning of your study time, on Monday the 26th of October at 10:00 am, the Avete Academici, the official freshers reception of the University with the Rector, will take place.

In this reception we would like to welcome you and introduce ourselves and the most important institutions of the university. The event will take place online. You can reach it via the following link:

The Campus

The university has two campus areas: One in the city centre and one in Stuttgart Vaihingen. An interactive map of the University of Stuttgart can help getting to know the Campus during the first weeks.

In the two maps below you can find an overview of the two campuses in the city center and in Vaihingen

Contact addresses and websites of the students associations

Here you will find an overview of all student associations and their freshers programmes:

FG Anglisitik

KII, 4. Stock, Raum 4.038
Keplerstr. 17, 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 831 06

FG Architektur

K1, Stock 6b, Raum 6.43
Keplerstr. 11, 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 832 86

FG Bauingenieurwesen

To get to know each other better and to answer your questions, we from the civil engineering department are organising a mentoring for all first-time builders. You can register either via our homepage or directly in our Ilias group "Fachgruppe Bauingenieurwesen" in the folder Erstis.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Pfaffenwaldring 7, 70569 Stuttgart
Raum 0.151
Tel.: 0711/ 685 66151

FG Berufs-­ und Technikpädagogik

KII, Stock 2a, Raum 2.029
Keplerstr. 17,­ 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685­82323
Instagram: @btpfachgruppe

FG Betriebswirtschaftslehre (technisch orientiert)

K II, Stock 2a, Raum 2.031
Keplerstr. 17,­ 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 831 66

FG Technische Biologie

The Department of Technical Biology is responsible for the study programme Technical Biology and organises the first semester introduction of the study programme together with the first semester tutors. All first-year students are sent the "Wanze" booklet, which contains a great deal of useful information on studying and also offers networking opportunities and contact details. If you are a first-year student who is actually enrolled in Technical Biology this winter semester, you can also join the Telegram Group:


All the events we offer in the introductory week will be announced mainly on the first online date of the Technical Biology course on Monday 26.10.2020. After this week, there will be weekly tutorial events in presence at the university for a few weeks, where you will be instructed in small groups by first-semester tutors on everything organisational such as C@mpus, course and exam registration and much more.

If you have any questions, simply write to us at

NWZ2, ground floor, room 0.136
Pfaffenwaldring 57, 70569 Stuttgart
phone: 0711/ 68562014

FG Chemie

The Department of Chemistry offers first semester introductions for the study courses Chemistry B.Sc., Food Chemistry B.Sc. as well as Chemistry Teacher Training B.A. Introductory events in small groups are planned, in which students from previous years explain the most important information about the start of their studies. In addition, professors and other important persons in the study programme will introduce themselves.

Overview of the programme and registration:

Contact details of the student association group:

FG Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung und Computational Linguistics

The student representatives‘ introductory event for the new students of our NLP Bachelor’s degree will take place Monday, October 26th 2020 at 1 pm online via WebEx. For further information visit our website:


For the new Computational Linguistics Master’s students the introductory event will take place Tuesday, October 27th 2020 at 2 pm via WebEx. For further information visit our website:


These events are a great opportunity to be introduced to the institute and meet your fellow students, so we highly recommend them!

Your student representatives


Raum 0.015
Pfaffenwaldring 5b,­ 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 813 84

FG Elektro­technik und Informationstechnik

ETI1, Raum U1.146
Pfaffenwaldring 47,­ 70569 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711/ 685­ 67223
Fax: 0711/ 685­ 51045

FG Geodäsie/Geoinformatik

Raum 1.378
Geschwister-­Scholl­-Straße 24D
70174 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711/ 685­ 84085
Fax: 0711/ 685­ 84089

FG Germanistik

Welcome dear first-time students to the German Studies Department!

The FG German Studies offers first semester introductions for the BA programmes. German Studies (major/minor subject), B.A. Teaching German as well as MEd Teaching German, MEd Advanced German, M.A. Literature German Studies and LA GymPo. Digital (thematic) consultation hours are planned for first-year students.

Are you interested? Here you can find our offer and all further information:

You are welcome to get in touch with us, you have many possibilities:

If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes, we would be pleased to hear from you!


Your German Studies Department

FG Geschichte/GNT

K II, Stock 8a, Raum 8.038
Keplerstr. 17,­ 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 83050
Facebook: Fachgruppe Geschichte/GNT

FG Immobilientechnik und Immobilienwirtschaft

EG, Raum 0.153
Pfaffenwaldring 7, 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 661 58
Facebook: Fachgruppe Immobilientechnik und Immobilienwirtschaft

FG Informatik

EG, Raum 0.001
Universitätsstr. 38,­ 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 883 67

FG Information Technology (INFOTECH)

Pfaffenwaldring 47 (Studienbüro),­ 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 67820
Fax: 0711/ 685 ­ 67821

FG Kunstgeschichte

KII, 10. Stock, Raum 10.046
Keplerstr. 17,­ 70174 Stuttgart

FG Lehramt

FG Linguistik

KII, Stock 2a, Raum 2.023
Keplerstr. 17, 70174 Stuttgart

FG Luft­ und Raumfahrttechnik (FLURUS)

Raum ­-1.001
Pfaffenwaldring 27, ­70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 623 19 oder ­603 19

FG Maschinenbau & Co.

The department Mach & Co. officially represents all courses of study related to mechanical engineering and represents them with regard to the university.
During our orientation phase, we offer new freshers a varied programme with introductory events of all kinds.
Just drop by:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
You will find our group room in the foyer of the 9th building. Our Red Door cannot be overlooked.


IWZ, ground floor, room 0.166
Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711/ 685 665 41
Fax: 0711/ 685 665 87

FG Mathematik

NWZ 2, 8.Stock, Raum 8.326
Pfaffenwaldring 57,­ 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 653 41

FG Materialwissenschaft

FG Naturwissenschaft und Technik

The department of NwT and the course management welcome you to the freshers courses.
The dates of the information event will be announced here:

For the planned Freshers event (online) by the department group, please contact us via email, Instagram or Facebook so that we can provide you with information, invitation link and co.
Instagram: @subject groupwt
Facebook: @FSNwTStgt

FG Philosophie

M36, 3. Stock, Raum M36.45
Seidenstr. 36, 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 842 39
Facebook: Fachgruppe Philosophie

FG Physik

NWZ II, EG, Raum 0.110
Pfaffenwaldring 57, 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 648 21
Fax: 0711/ 685 ­ 643 49

FG Romanistik

Raum 4.044
Keplerstr. 17, 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 830 53, 830 54
Instagram: fachgruppe.romanistik.uni.stgt

FG Simulation Technology

Raum 1.169
Pfaffenwaldring 7, 70569 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711/ 685­60057

FG Sozialwissenschaften

FG Sozialwissenschaften
KII, Stockwerk 2a, Raum 2.26
Keplerstr. 17,­ 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 837 49

FG Sport

Segalhaus, Raum 12
Allmandring 28c,­ 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 631 82

FG Umweltschutztechnik / WAREM

EG, Raum 0.164
Pfaffenwaldring 9,­ 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 685 ­ 664 12
Fax: 0711/ 685 ­ 665 44

FG Verkehrsingenieurwesen

Raum 1.170
Pfaffenwaldring 7, 70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/685 – 65771

FG Wirtschaftsinformatik

KII, Stock 2a, Raum 2.028
Keplerstraße 17, 70174 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/685 ­ 849 34

Important contact addresses and websites

User consultation of the TIK

The TIK is responsible for the technical services like the WiFi eduroam, the study management system and course catalogue C@mpus, the learning platform ILIAS, the conference tool Webex and your student mail accounts.

The TIK will help you either electronically or in one of its support centres in Vaihingen and the city centre. Further information and contact details can be found on the following page


Counselling services of the Studierendenwerk

The offers of the Studierendenwerk can be found on their page

Among other things, there is BAföG advice, tips on financing your studies, social advice, legal advice and also psychotherapeutic counselling, most of it free of charge.

Lost and found office

At university a lot of things are lost and fortunately also found again. If you think you have lost something, you can check the infrastructural building management under this link for an up-to-date list of the items found and then contact the lost property office.

The lost property office is located in Vaihingen on the ground floor of Pfaffenwaldring 55 at the central service, and in the city centre at the house service in Keplerstraße 17.

International Center (IZ)

The Department of International Affairs of the University of Stuttgart is responsible for the exchange with foreign countries. Here you can have a look around if you are interested which universities the Universität of Stuttgart is cooperating with, if you want to get in contact with students from abroad through the buddy program or intercultural mentoring, or if you want to find out about a stay abroad in your studies.

You can find more information under the following link



The MINT-Kolleg of the University of Stuttgart offers numerous courses to support students before and during their studies as well as a number of counselling services. More information, course offerings and opening hours can be found on the following page

Examination Office

The Examination Office is responsible for registering and deregistering from examinations. You can find it on the following page

However, you can also carry out many actions related to exams yourself in the C@mpus system.


Key Qualifications - Schlüsselqualifikationen (ZLW)

Behind the interdisciplinary key qualifications lies the idea that one can use one's specialist knowledge much better if it is embedded in a holistic educational process.

All key qualifications offered in a semester can be found in the study plan on C@mpus.

The Center for Teaching and Continuing Education is responsible for the supervision and registration of most of the interdisciplinary key qualifications, which also offers key qualifications itself. Frequently asked questions on this topic can be found here

Language Centre

The Language Centre of the Universität of Stuttgart offers a wide range of courses in specialist and foreign languages and also offers many other interesting things. You can find the range of courses on offer, advice, more information and opening hours here

Study Administration Office

You will need the services of the Registrar's Office above all if you are enrolling in another degree programme or if you need to copy your student card. You can find the location and opening hours here

Central Student Advisory Service

In addition to the student advisory service for your subject, the central student advisory service is an important contact point for questions regarding your studies, even in problem situations. You can find more information and opening hours here