Quality assurance funds, student council funds and study commission funds

Quality assurance resources

Quality assurance funds: These are funds that are available to the university within the framework of the university financing plan. They are earmarked for quality assurance in teaching and learning.

Student Council Resources

Student Council funds: these are funds, from the pot of quality assurance funds, which can be spent directly by the ASR on projects, e.g. to realise longer opening hours of the libraries and cafeterias or to award special teaching prizes.

Study Commission Resources

Study Commission Funds: these are funds that go from the ASR to the faculties in a decentralised way, and the faculty councils can each decide what to spend the money on. Spending is reported to the ASR in the form of action overviews and we review these.

You can find the 2019 overviews here:

By the way, you can find the award regulations for the SCM here.