At the beginning of 2020, the idea arose to hold a party organized by stuvus on the Campus Stadtmitte. Originally, a headphone party was planned here and the working group was initially called "AK Silent City". Like many other stuvus projects, this party was prevented by the Corona pandemic.

Then, in May 2022, new plans began for a stuvus party on the Stadtmitte campus; this time, no headphone party was planned. In order not to give the wrong impression with "silent", the working group was renamed "AK Stadtmitte-Party".

The goal of the working group is to offer a semester-opening party in the summer semester; thus quasi the counterpart to the UNO and without a special focus on first-year students. Unlike many other stuvus events, the party is to take place on the Stadtmitte campus, more specifically at K2 (Keplerstraße 17).

The first party planned by the working group is to take place on the first Friday of the lecture period of the summer semester 2023, i.e. on 14.04.2023.

You don't just feel like having a party, but would like to get involved in the organization or take a shift behind the bar or at one of the other stations on the night of the party? Get in touch with us!

So that the party does not remain nameless, we are currently also collecting suggestions for a name 🙂


AK-leadership: Isa

E-mail address:


The building on the left hand side is where the party is going to take place. Photo: University of Stuttgart.