Presidium (Bureau of Parliament)

The Presidium of the Students’ Parliament (StuPa) ensures that the StuPa is able to fulfil its tasks properly, one of the main tasks being to chair the meetings of the StuPa. To do so, the presidium collects applications, prepares the agenda, invites to the meeting in due time and chairs it.

In addition, the presidency is the first point of contact for all stuvus organs and committees for questions about the StuPa and applications that are or will be discussed in the StuPa. Thus, there is close contact with the stuvus executive board to guarantee an effective flow of information.

So if you have a concern that is to be discussed in the StuPa, or general questions about the StuPa, its tasks and decisions, don’t hesitate to contact us!



Our Presidium

Julian Siebert