Freshers inauguration

Information lectures and getting to know each other – from the Avete (official welcome by the Rector) to a campus rally and pub crawl to an introduction to important facilities: In order to give the new first semester students a successful and well-informed start at the University of Stuttgart, we organise a cross-degree course first semester introduction (ESE) in the first semester introduction working group, which is intended to supplement the subject-specific events of the subject groups and consists of events that could be of interest to all students.

Did you enjoy your first semester induction and found it helpful? Or did you find something not so successful and would like to improve it? Then get in touch with us! There are almost no restrictions on what is possible during the first semester orientation and we are always happy if you would like to organise something or help!

You can find all information about ESE here:

In case you have got any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: