Freshers inauguration

The Working Group on First Semester Introduction (AK Erstsemestereinführung, ESE) is concerned with the implementation of a central, university-wide First Semester Induction Week (ESE). The idea for this has been gradually expanded since 2020 until the working group was founded in July 2022. The aim of the ESE is to centrally offer events that affect all subject groups and degree programmes in order to save work for everyone involved. In addition, small subject groups should be supported in offering their first-year students a diverse programme at the start of their studies. We hope to cover many different interests with the ESE so that there is something suitable and interesting for all first-year students. In addition, students who do not come from Stuttgart should be shown around the city and the two campuses. We also hope to make Stuttgart a more attractive place to study for new students.

The first attempt at implementation led to a few online events in 2020, which already complemented the programme of the subject groups. In 2021, some larger events such as a city rally and a campus rally could already be implemented; unfortunately, the Avete as the official welcome event still had to take place online. After two Corona years, we will hopefully be able to launch the ESE in full this year. In order to stabilise the project for the future, to have a central contact person for all questions concerning the ESE and to appreciate the work done, a working group was set up. Since ESE is a central topic of the student council, this working group reports directly to the executive board.

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