Academic Student Council

The Academic Student Council (Akademischer StudierendenRat - ASR) is the link between the university's Student Senate and stuvus, because it is comprised of the student Senate members.

Some of the ASR's tasks include:

  • all matters relating to teaching and the formal aspects of the course (e.g. examination regulations, examination dates, ...)
  • the choice of lecturer for study and teaching
  • the allocation of quality assurance funds (QSM) or study commission funds (SKM)*

Even if the consultant for Study and Teaching is not a member of the Senate, then he/she still belongs to the ASR.

Each student also has a right to apply for work in the ASR. Just simply contact us!

You might not, however, be able to participate in work on every topic, as topics from confidential Senate meetings are often discussed in the ASR. (Study Commission Funds)

On the following pages, you will be able to discover how and why the student council and study commission funds are spent: Studierendenratsmittel (Student Council Funds) and Studienkommissionsmittel (Study Commission Funds)