Department for Studies and Teaching and Academic Student Council

Academic Student Council

The Academic Student Council (ASR) is the link between the senate of our university and the stuvus, as it is composed of the student senate members and deputies, among others.

The ASR’s tasks include:

  • all matters concerning teaching and the formal aspects of studying (e.g. examination regulations, examination dates, teaching award…)
  • the election of the advisor for studies and teaching
  • the allocation of quality assurance funds (QSM) or study commission funds (SKM)*.


The ASR is chaired by the head of studies and teaching.

Every student can also work in the ASR in an advisory capacity. If you are interested, please contact us! However, it is possible that you will not be able to work on every topic, as topics from the senate meetings are discussed from time to time and are confidential.

On this page you can see how and on what the student council funds and study commission funds are spent.


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*more precisely, we can only decide on the student portion of QSM, but that would go too far here. If you have any questions about QSM and SKM, you are of course welcome to contact

Department for Studies and Teaching

As the Student Affairs Officer, I am, together with my deputies, the first point of contact for all issues related to studying and teaching, both for the university and for the students.

The main task is therefore to coordinate the various study and teaching issues; from solving the problems of individual students, to changes to examination regulations, to negotiating with the university about, for example, withdrawal deadlines from examinations.

We are in constant contact with all the important university institutions (for students), such as the Prorectorate for Teaching, the Examinations Office, the Deans of Studies, the University Rectorate and Quality Assurance.

In addition, it is the task of the Student Affairs Officer to manage the ASR. This means that we are also the first point of contact for any questions that are dealt with in the ASR, such as the topic of student council and study commission funds.

The speaker leads the preliminary discussions of the non-professorial members of the senate, senate member or senate observer and is an advisory member of the stuvus board.

If you have any problems in the area of studies and teaching, you are welcome to contact us.


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