digital cultural offerings

During the Corona pandemic this year, there were many days when we all stayed home when we would have preferred to add variety to our daily lives. However, the issue is not over now, but returns to the forefront with the current regulations in November. However, there are alternatives to spending the day not exclusively on your own studies:

The museums of the city of Stuttgart had a varied online offering even before the pandemic.… Read more

Department for Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs

Stress? Problems? Help? Then the Department for Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs is the right place for you! No matter what concerns you have, we try to help you “from student to student”. Problems of any kind will always find an open ear and will be treated confidentially.

For a university where we all enjoy studying, a climate of respect, appreciation and equality is essential.… Read more

Department for the Studierendenwerk

The Department for the Studierendenwerk is the interface between stuvus, the students and the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart (SWS). One of our tasks is to be the contact persons for all students and to help them with questions and problems concerning the Studierendenwerk – so if you have questions, problems or ideas about the SWS, just get in touch with us.

On the other hand, we are the contact persons if stuvus wants to contribute something to the SWS to make your life better.… Read more