Student Parliament

What is the Student Parliament?

The student parliament (StuPa) is the legislative branch of the student council. It's comprised of 29 members: 13 directly elected student members, 6 student-senate members and the chairpersons of the 10 student body representatives. A list of the actual members can be found here.

What does the Student Parliament do?

The StuPa makes fundamental decisions that affect stuvus and control the executive board. For example, the elections for the executive board and the head of the department, as well as working group leaders, are carried out by the parliament. Statutes, regulations and budgets are voted on, and general requests (proposals to be discussed and decided on by the StuPa) are processed. The StuPa also decides on unsettled issues within the stuvus.

The stuvus board conducts its business as per decisions met by the StuPa.

Who can make proposals to the Student Parliament?
All students retain the right to deliver discussion proposals to StuPa no later than 6 days before a session. For inexperienced students, it is advised that they consult the committee beforehand. The form for proposals can be found in the folder "Vorlagen" on ILIAS.

Where can I find further information?
On our wiki-page, you can find the session documents of the StuPa. In our ILIAS-Group you can find all resolutions and protocols.

In the best case, you can just come by and see us! All students are welcome to attend all StuPa sessions. You can find out when the next meeting is at contact to the Student Parliament.

Session Meetings

Winter Semester Meetings 2020/2021

Additional Session: Monday 22.03.2021, 14:30, documents and access link for the WebEx meeting at

Summer Semester Meetings 2021

  • 21.04. 14:30 Uhr digital
  • 19.05. 14:30 Uhr digital
  • 09.06. 14:30 Uhr digital
  • 07.07. 14:30 Uhr digital
  • 14.07. 14:30 Uhr digital (if needed)