Information on the summer term

The summer semester has officially begun and the lecture period will start in a few days. In view of the past semesters, many students are certainly asking themselves how the summer semester will go. The following statements refer to the current status, which, like so many things in the pandemic, can still change.

Evidence: As things stand at the moment, no 3G certificate is required to take part in courses and examinations. No new campUStickets will be issued at the moment.

Mask obligation: In principle, masks (FFP2 or medical masks) are obligatory in the buildings. Exceptions: examinations, purely student study rooms, rooms used on your own, purely student committee meetings, teaching rooms in which the teacher (who unfortunately can’t very well wear a mask while teaching) can keep a distance of at least 3 metres from other persons, and other rooms if a distance of at least 1.5 metres can be safely maintained. 

Room capacities: The university has decided that there will be no limit to room capacities. The places in the rooms can therefore be completely occupied. This also applies to study spaces. Booking is no longer necessary for study spaces.

Social events: Theoretically, more social events are now possible again. Whether university parties can take place is still questionable at the moment, as the university has tightened up the regulations for parties so that it is currently not certain that they can be held. However, there will be a CampusBeach again this semester for the first time since 2019!

Library: The university library on the Stadtmitte campus will most likely not be able to open this semester. Solutions are being sought to offer (more) study spaces on the Stadtmitte campus as well. On the Vaihingen Campus, the UB will probably reopen at the end of April.

Entry ban: If you have Corona symptoms, you are not allowed to enter the university until you have been cleared by a self-test, a rapid test or a PCR test.

You can find the detailed guidelines on the uni website.