Department for Networking

The stuvus’ Department for Networking is primarily concerned with the task of strengthening networking and exchange within the student body and between different universities. At the same time, we also represent our student body within the State Students’ Council. This includes various projects and working groups within the University of Stuttgart, as well as participation in working groups and meetings of the State Students’ Council.


University internal tasks and projects

Within the framework of the university’s internal networking of the student body, it is our goal to improve the exchange and cooperation between subject groups, university groups and the central stuvus bodies (executive committee, student parliament, departments, working groups). We pay particular attention to networking between the two locations in Stuttgart-Stadtmitte (city centre) and Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

Current projects in this area include:


  • semi-annual how-2-stuvus / how-2-student group presentations in which student groups and other interested parties are introduced to the basic structure of stuvus, the tasks of the student groups, and the stuvus services
  • regular networking meetings, where students from different disciplines and stuvus sub-groups are invited to meet in a relaxed atmosphere for an informal exchange (suspended until further notice due to the current situation)
  • In cooperation with the department for events: Tour de FGen
  • The ILIAS forum area “Leben, Lernen und Vernetzung” (“Living, Learning and Networking”), which is supposed to offer students the possibility of virtual exchange and to establish contacts with the local authorities. The project is currently still under construction. Therefore, ideas and helping hands are welcome!


Inter-university tasks and projects

Inter-university networking is another important part of our range of tasks. Projects such as the nationwide demonstrations on university financing can only succeed if student bodies from different universities work together. We represent the student body of the University of Stuttgart in the State Students’ Council of Baden-Württemberg and regularly take part in the meetings of the “Landes-Asten-Konferenz” (“State Student Councils’ Conference”, aka LAK) Baden-Württemberg. Currently, we are particularly active in the working group for the constitution of the State Students’ Council. However, stuvus is also active on a smaller level in networking between universities and founded the “Stuttgarter-Asten-Konferenz” (“Student Councils’ Conference”, aka SAK) together with the student body of the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien) and other Stuttgart student bodies.


Take part!

If we have sparked your interest, or you have further questions about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at the following e-mail address:


Our Spokespeople:

Felix Trbola

Referent für Vernetzung

Karoline Schüler

stellv. Referentin für Vernetzung