Department for Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs

Stress? Problems? Help? Then the Department for Equality, Diversity and Social Affairs is the right place for you! No matter what concerns you have, we try to help you “from student to student”. Problems of any kind will always find an open ear and will be treated confidentially.

For a university where we all enjoy studying, a climate of respect, appreciation and equality is essential.

This is not a matter to be taken for granted by all students – at the University of Stuttgart, too, experiences of discrimination are part of everyday life for many students, whether due to gender, origin, social status, sexual orientation, disability or other reasons.

With this department we would like to counteract this problem in a decisive way. We want to realize projects that promote the participation of all students. We are still at the beginning, which means there is plenty of room for new ideas.

So if you would like to get involved here, if you have any topics that we should definitely work on, or if you have any concerns that we can support you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. Everybody is welcome with their ideas.



On the page we have also assembled an overview of contact persons and offers of help for various problems.

Housing search

You are new in Stuttgart, the semester has already started, but you have not yet found a room? This is the situation for many students every semester. For the first arrival and the relaxed search for accommodation, we offer the possibility of short-term accommodation in shared flats through the project “Sofas für Erstis” (sofas for first-year students).

Studying and family

For students with family responsibilities, the University of Stuttgart has its own portal called Studying and family, where you can find a lot of important information and further education opportunities. Feel free to take a look there!