Internal services

stuvus IT-Services


All information about the work of and in stuvus can be found here. Useful for protocols, tutorial articles and the like. It can also be used for subject or university groups.


Cloud storage for file sharing and backup.


Mail account access via the stuvus webmail portal. Members of subject or university groups can apply for email addresses via the IT ticket system.


Chat client on the stuvus server, independent of other messenger services. Also available as an app on desktop and mobile devices.

Mumble (Voice-Chat)

Mumble is a voice chat, similar to TeamSpeak.

Jitsi Meet (Video Conferencing)

Platform for video conferencing. Start a meeting with any name. Other people can join by using the same name, or by sending them the link.

GOSA (account management)

System for creating and maintaining stuvus accounts, password changes are also possible here.

Sympa (mailing lists)

Software for managing mailing lists on the stuvus server: Email distribution environment, subscriptions, archives.

Website administration

Here you can access the WordPress login for this website.

You can find more services we offer in the Wiki section of stuvus-IT (see below).

Useful Info

General Wiki

Here you can find useful information for your work as a department, working group, unit or university group.

Knowledge Base IT

Here you will find a list of all IT services offered as well as explanations on how to set them up and use them.

Ticket systems


Here you can apply for expenses, trips and accounts. You can also apply for keys here.


Here you can create tickets for technical problems. Also, if you want to have new services set up for your group / committee (e.g. website, wiki, Nextcloud, WLAN), you can request it here.

For alumni: Unsubscribe from stuvus services

Every good time comes to an end, and maybe it’s the same for you: You stop studying or can no longer be active in stuvus and its study groups. In that case, you probably want to give up your stuvus account (if you have one) and stop receiving emails from stuvus. Find out how to proceed