Changing your name in the university systems is possible now!

After a long wait and many discussions, it is now possible since the end of March 2022: trans* and inter*gender students can change their name in the university systems! In addition, there is a choice between four gender entries: female, male, diverse or no entry. Your documents will then be addressed and labelled accordingly.

You can change your name and gender entry even if your name has not yet been officially changed.… Read more

International Women’s Day 2022

For over a hundred years, March 8 has been International Women's Day, celebrating women's fight for equal rights and opportunities. 
This year's theme is "Break the Bias".
A "bias" describes a subconscious expectation created by learned role models. This causes, for example, a male person, with the same qualifications, to be judged more competent than a female person.
Role models can also have the effect of discouraging women and girls from achieving certain professional goals.… Read more