Participation in the course surveys

Surely some of you have already received the invitation to the student survey. The student survey takes place regularly in all degree programmes. This semester, the survey will be conducted in the faculties 1,2,4,7 and in the teaching degree (Lehramt). The respective students from the corresponding faculties have already been contacted and have received a… Read more

Survey on our public relations

If you’re reading this, stuvus’ posts are reaching you centrally in at least one way. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “This is boring”, “Why don’t you write about topic XYZ?” or maybe “Cool, I’d love to hear more about that”, now is the time to send us all your thoughts anonymously. The Public Relations… Read more

POWERst survey

You now have the opportunity to share your experiences at the University of Stuttgart. What problems can arise when you are the first person in your family to study? What difficulties do students with a migration background experience? What forms of discrimination do students experience at the University of Stuttgart? The POWERst survey aims to… Read more