On the ground floor of the PWR 45 building on the Vaihingen campus, you can enjoy a wide range of delicious coffee and cold drinks.
The working group is responsible for the realisation of the café and many other tasks. If you would like to become part of the team, please send an email to to get in touch with us.

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frei[raum] opened! New café on campus in Vaihingen

Centrally located on the campus in Vaihingen, the start-up café frei[raum] was opened on 30 November 2023 as part of “Engineering Intelligence – Cyber Valley at the University of Stuttgart”.

Together with the new Chancellor of the University of Stuttgart, Anna Andrea Steiger, and Anna Dannecker (Chairwoman of the University of Stuttgart Student Council), Alexander Brem had the honour of opening frei[raum].

The frei[raum] is a café where, in addition to enjoyment, the topic of reasons will not be neglected.

The hybrid concept in the frei[raum] café envisages that the workspace area will be used for start-up-related activities while the stuvus frei{raum] team will offer coffee specialities. In the future, frei[raum] will host workshops on the topic of “founding”, startups presenting their projects and exhibits and also consultation hours with startup coaches. These events are open and freely accessible to all interested parties at the University of Stuttgart. Anyone interested in a delicious coffee in a relaxed atmosphere or the path to entrepreneurship now has a new opportunity to inform themselves, network and exchange ideas on this topic at frei[raum].

However, frei[raum] is not “just” a place to work. Rather, the hybrid concept envisages that the workspace will be supplemented by a café. This will be run and managed by the University of Stuttgart’s student representation (stuvus). The focus here is primarily on eco-certified, regional and sustainable products.

The project manager and contact person for frei[raum] is Andreas Wahl for start-up topics and stuvus for everything to do with the café. Andreas has nothing but positive things to say about the project and is already looking forward to an “official” coffee or two: “The collaboration with stuvus was and is super great. It’s a lot of fun. Unofficially, I’ve already been allowed to try a coffee. It tasted excellent, by the way. I hope that the concept will inspire students and staff at the University of Stuttgart alike.

frei[raum] is still putting the finishing touches to the café until it can go into regular operation and open its doors to the campus public. “We are now in the final stages with the licence and think that we will finally be fully open in February. It will be an exciting start to the year,” says Matthias Erhardt, contact person for frei[raum] at stuvus.

Thanks to the services offered by stuvus and its excellent location, frei[raum] will become a meeting centre in the heart of the Vaihingen campus.