Results of the vaccination status survey

A while ago, we conducted a survey to get an impression of the vaccination status of the students at the University of Stuttgart. This was partly because we students in particular, and younger people in general, were accused of a lack of willingness to be vaccinated and we also wanted to find out whether we should still organise vaccination offers explicitly for students. The survey recorded the vaccination status at the time of 17 July. Accordingly, significantly more students should by now be fully vaccinated.

The survey showed that 59.3 % of the participating students were already fully vaccinated on 17 July. A further 28.8% had already been vaccinated, but not yet fully. 0.8% had already booked an appointment, 2.2% had not yet done so, but had planned to do so. 0.1% of participants had been vaccinated, but the vaccine was not licensed in the EU. 2.4 % of the participants could not be vaccinated for medical reasons, for example, and 6.4 % did not want to be vaccinated.
Although some doctoral students, scientific staff, professors, and other groups at the university also took part, the survey could not be spread among these groups and the data is therefore not meaningful. The results shared here only refer to the responses of the approximately 3,500 students who participated. Thus, according to our survey, the students’ willingness to be vaccinated is over 90%. Thank you for your participation!