Survey on our public relations

If you’re reading this, stuvus’ posts are reaching you centrally in at least one way. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “This is boring”, “Why don’t you write about topic XYZ?” or maybe “Cool, I’d love to hear more about that”, now is the time to send us all your thoughts anonymously. The Public Relations… Read more

What is the student parliament?

The student parliament (StuPa for short) is the legislative body of the student council. It makes the fundamental decisions. On the one hand, the budget and various guidelines are decided here, which regulate how much and on what stuvus can spend money.  In addition, the StuPa also decides on positions to convey the students’ opinion… Read more

Kic-Off Meeting Student Calendar

Fancy a date? With the StudiKalender you’ll have plenty! Okay, sorry for the bad pun, but hopefully we’ve got your attention now. Our StudiKalender is published every year in autumn, when we send it to the new first-year students with their first-year letters and display the other StudiKalender in the university buildings. Experience has shown… Read more