Survey on our public relations

If you’re reading this, stuvus’ posts are reaching you centrally in at least one way. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “This is boring”, “Why don’t you write about topic XYZ?” or maybe “Cool, I’d love to hear more about that”, now is the time to send us all your thoughts anonymously. The Public Relations Department, which is responsible for the Instagram account, the website, our YouTube channel and the newsletter, among other things, is conducting a survey and is looking forward to your participation! Whether it’s praise, criticism or new ideas – you will definitely help us by taking part in the survey. You can find the survey at:

You only need a few minutes to answer a few questions. There are also free text options, but of course you don’t have to use them. We would like to use the answers from the survey to develop the future public relations work of stuvus central. The more answers we get, the better this will work. Regardless of whether you are active at stuvus or just happened to come across our Instagram account, we would be happy if you took part in our survey.