What is the student parliament?

The student parliament (StuPa for short) is the legislative body of the student council. It makes the fundamental decisions. On the one hand, the budget and various guidelines are decided here, which regulate how much and on what stuvus can spend money.  In addition, the StuPa also decides on positions to convey the students’ opinion on certain topics, e.g. teaching during Corona or sustainability, to the university and the state.  The stuvus board is also always appointed by the StuPa in the first meeting of the semester. The StuPa is led by the Presidential Board.

In addition to the 6 student members of the Senate and the 10 faculty council chairpersons, who are entitled to vote in the Stupa by virtue of their office, there are also 13 electoral members. These belong to different lists and are elected directly by you during the committee elections!

The StuPa meets about every 6 weeks and the meetings are open to the public. If you are interested, just drop by!