Student Tip: Calculate Your (Hypothetical) Grade Average

“How are your studies going?” You may have been asked this question in the last few days. Would you know offhand what your current average is? Probably not. The more modules you complete, the more confusing it becomes.

You can see your current average on C@mpus, but some grades are not yet included if, for example, you have only taken one course in a module and you still need to take another exam to pass the module. This can be the case if you have taken a seminar with an LBP and are still missing an exercise or a lecture with a USL from the same module.

In addition, especially towards the end of your studies, you may have to ask yourself how hard you have to work in the remaining exams in order to achieve or maintain a certain average. Will you work another night shift because you could get a better average then, or will the average not change anyway and a 4.0 is enough for you? For all those who find themselves in such a situation and don’t feel like doing maths, today we present a tip on how you can easily calculate (or have calculated) your average on the computer. You can see the exact instructions in the pictures.