Renaming our rooms in the city centre

Have you ever heard of the ZFB and do you even know what is meant by it?

The Zentrales Fachschaftenbüro referred to our rooms in K2 in the Stadtmitte and is often called ZFB. In this room, people from different disciplines used to meet to advocate for the interests of students before the stuvus existed in its current form. Since its founding, and increasingly in recent years, stuvus has had a stronger presence at the Vaihingen campus, where, in addition to the office in the Haus der Studierenden, it also has a room in Pfaffenwaldring 57 that serves as a multipurpose room – the hellblaues Nilpferd – also known as the Nili. In the process, the Stadtmitte and the ZFB have no longer received the attention they deserve.

As stuvus strives to represent both campuses to the same degree and maintain a presence at both locations, more life is returning to the ZFB. However, it is noticeable that the name is no longer appropriate and with a new facility, there is now also a new name: the Hippo.

The name was chosen in reference to the currently used hippo theme so that it is better recognizable where the stuvus is active. As part of these changes, there are also new room usage rules to ensure that the Hippo remains in good condition and can be used well by all stuvus groups. So if you need a room with your stuvus group in the Stadtmitte, or would like to attend one of our meetings, you are welcome to stop by the Hippo.