English Literature

Which English works should one actually have read? Everyone would probably answer this question a little differently. However, in consideration of our cultural task, we would like to name a few English works. The list comes from the Institute of Literary Studies and those of you who study English will probably already know it. For now, we will only present the English part, the American part will follow in a separate post in the future.

Whether William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, or Arthur Conan Doyle – you may know some of the authors and their works by name or have even read one or the other. If not: If you want to procrastinate without feeling guilty, you can take a look at one of the works and educate yourself culturally. Many of the texts are available free of charge, for example on websites such as poetryfoundation.org and in Stuttgart libraries such as the UB, the Institute Library of the Institutes of Linguistics and Literary Studies, and the Württemberg State Library. In the latter, you get a free library card as a student! Even if you are not interested in literature, you might find a few useful books for your studies there.