Participation in the course surveys

You have probably already filled out a course survey in one subject or another. Most of the course surveys for the winter semester 2021/22 have now started. Due to the pandemic, most of these are still taking place online. Occasionally, however, there may also be paper surveys.

Unfortunately, the response rate in recent semesters has sometimes been so low (less than 6 participants) that no evaluations could be made, or the results were not meaningful.

The results of the survey are very important and are regularly discussed in study commissions and thus contribute to the improvement of courses. In the study commission, students, among others, work out proposals for the further development and improvement of the study programme and its contents. By taking part in the surveys, you can play an active role in ensuring that the courses continue to be improved and that problems can be solved.

We therefore ask you to take part in the short surveys and to give feedback on your satisfaction with the courses.

Thank you very much!

Your student representatives