What is the Faculty Council?

All things that affect the faculty are discussed in the Faculty Council: these are long-term things such as the faculty’s structural and development plans, the establishment of new institutes, degree programmes or professorships and the study and examination regulations for the associated degree programmes. Proposals for appointments are also decided here before they are passed on to the Senate. In addition, shorter-term topics, such as course and assistance planning for the coming semesters, are also discussed here.

At the University of Stuttgart, the Faculty Council is set up as a large faculty council, which means that all full-time university lecturers and non-scheduled professors are voting members. In addition, the other groups of the faculty are also represented: 3 academic staff members, 3 doctoral students, one member from technology and administration and 7 or 9 students (depending on the size of the faculty). You can vote for these student members in the annual committee elections!