Walk number 1 in the town center

Spring is slowly coming and you want to go outside. That’s why we would like to introduce you to a few walks that start directly on campus and are 30-45 minutes long.

Today: Campus Stadtmitte: Starting between K1 and K2, we first walk through the Stadtgarten (1). After the subway, we walk straight ahead into the Hoppenlauf Cemetery (2). This is the oldest surviving cemetery in Stuttgart. We cross the cemetery and leave it on the right. Continue along Rosenbergstraße to the left and then left again into Seidenstraße. The church of St. Fidelis (3) is worth a short detour because the modernity inside would not be expected from the outside. Shortly after, we turn right onto a pedestrian path, then left again, slightly up the hill. We follow the path to the green area at Berliner Platz, cross the street and walk between the buildings of the Liederhalle (4). After crossing Holzgartenstraße, we follow Breitscheidstraße directly back to the Stadtgarten. Have fun!

If you have any good walks of your own, please share them with us