Valentine’s Day

Students are active at stuvus for different reasons. For some people, the reason is that they meet many new people and make friends through projects and events. Sometimes it ends up being more than just friendship. stuvus is not a dating platform, but on the occasion of Valentine’s Day we are celebrating love. That’s why we asked students if and how they met their partner through stuvus. 

Freshers’ weekend 

The first semester weekend of the mathematics department took place in November 2021. One of the participants was a student in her first semester. On the first day, various group games took place, after which the two first-year students stayed alone in the group room and talked. On the first evening, something clicked and they had their first kiss. They then went home from the freshers’ weekend as a couple.

Party – Campus Beach – Fachgruppe 

For the first time, a student, who wishes to remain anonymous, and her partner saw each other as orgas at Spacenight 2018 (Aerospace Engineering party, which is officially run through the association but involves many Fachgruppe activists). Then on Campus Beach they met every now and then, as she was prospective main orga and he was very often day leader. Because they were on the same course of study, they met again later in the subject group. They finally hit it off during breaks together in the subject group room. They have now been in a happy relationship for three years!


It doesn’t always have to be a first-semester weekend or a party: A student wrote to us and told us that she met her partner through normal subject group work. They immediately liked each other and got to know each other better at her department’s coat sale.  

Pool of helpers 

As part of the stuvus helper pool during the Corona pandemic, one student volunteered to help in a quarantine station. There she met another student who was working in the quarantine station. The two fell in love and are now engaged!

stuvus weekend – first-semester introduction – StuPa

The first time the two students met was at the stuvus weekend a little over a year ago. In preparation for the first-semester introduction, there were a few meetings together, all online, of course. At some point, stuvus-related messages turned into longer and longer private messages. Two evenings together, an exhausting ESE and one trying to interrupt the other’s StuPa protocol series, and then suddenly they were together. In the meantime, they have written three StuPa protocols together – and surprise surprise: it (and a lot of other things too) is just a lot more fun together!