Old Devices Reclamation

For two weeks in January, the NABU collection boxes for old mobile phones, tablets, headphones and charging cables were ready and waiting in the university canteens and cafeterias. You gave many devices that had been waiting in drawers for months, maybe years, a new purpose and sent them on a journey for another life cycle. We were able to collect over 40 kilograms and send them to AfB gemeinnützige GmbH for repair or professional recycling.

We in the Sustainability Department would like to thank everyone who took part and supported NABU with their mobile phone donation.

After the collection campaign, the question naturally arises as to where you can get rid of your old devices in the future. The Ecumenical Centre on the Campus in Vaihingen (Allmandring 6) offers a permanent collection point, which we highly recommend.

If you would like to collect your own waste among your friends, you can find all the information about the NABU campaign at https://www.nabu.de/umwelt-und-ressourcen/aktionen-und-projekte/handysammlung/.