Elections 2022 - 28 June to 7 July!

In order for all of us students to be well represented, it is important that we not only all vote during this period, but that many students also stand for election. In the last few weeks we have published information about the committees and organised a committee information evening. However, if you still have questions about running for election or about the committees, please feel free to contact us.… Read more

Student Parliament in April 2022

On Wednesday, 20 April, the 91st session of the student parliament will take place from 2:30 pm. The meeting will take place in room 9.06 in Keplerstraße 11. In addition to various reports and questioning of the Executive Board, there are also three motions to be dealt with. As this is the first StuPa in the new semester, many offices, such as the office of the chairperson of the executive board, will be newly elected.… Read more

What is the student parliament?

The student parliament (StuPa for short) is the legislative body of the student council. It makes the fundamental decisions. On the one hand, the budget and various guidelines are decided here, which regulate how much and on what stuvus can spend money.  In addition, the StuPa also decides on positions to convey the students' opinion on certain topics, e.g. teaching during Corona or sustainability, to the university and the state.… Read more

Candidate Now!

On 20 April is the first StuPa meeting of the semester, colloquially known as the "election StuPa". Why? At this meeting, many positions in the student council are newly elected. These include the positions of speakers and their deputies, board assessors, board chairperson and deputy(s), as well as finance officer and deputy(s).

The degree programme is irrelevant for participation in the board.… Read more

March Student Parliament

On Wednesday, 16 March, the 90th session of the student parliament will take place from 2:30 pm. The meeting will take place digitally. In addition to various reports, the questioning of the executive board and individual elections, there are also two motions.

The first motion deals with an amendment to the guide for trips. This guideline regulates the reimbursement of travel costs by private car in connection with or for the fulfilment of Stuvus-related tasks.… Read more