Elections 2022 – 28 June to 7 July!

In order for all of us students to be well represented, it is important that we not only all vote during this period, but that many students also stand for election. In the last few weeks we have published information about the committees and organised a committee information evening. However, if you still have questions about running for election or about the committees, please feel free to contact us. If you are interested in running for office, but still have concerns about your number of semesters: Elected members of the committees receive a committee semester, i.e. an additional semester for the maximum duration of studies.

I want to run for office – what do I have to do?

You can either join an existing list (from last year) or found a new list. Since the composition of the lists is done by the lists themselves and not by us, if you are interested, please contact the respective list and ask them how you can join it.

Points that you should/should clarify in principle: persons running for the list; order of the persons running; name of the list; body for which the candidate is to run; if applicable, persons supporting the election proposal.

The deadline for submitting an election proposal is on 28 May at 4pm.

In addition, this year we are again offering the opportunity to publish an election programme on our website, and a stupamat is also planned again. For this, it is useful if your list deals with what it wants to achieve in the legislative period, what it stands for and why you should vote for it.

You already know that you definitely want to run for office? Contact now so that we can send you the questions for the Stupamat as early as possible!