Statement on the planed fee increase of the Studierendenwerk

You may have noticed that we recently had an additional meeting of the student parliament. This special session was about the planned €25 increase in the Studierendenwerk fee.

This is planned for the summer semester of 2023. The Studierendenwerk gives as reasons the increased energy, food and rent costs due to the current political and social circumstances.

If these costs are also passed on to the students, they will be even more disadvantaged, as they already have to cover the higher costs in everyday life. The Studierendenwerk should actually support the students and not contribute to their suffering.

In addition, a fee increase should result in the Studierendenwerk’s services being improved and not worsened. Since the last fee increase in the winter semester of 20/21, many services have deteriorated or been completely cancelled.

For this reason, the student parliament has spoken out against the planned increase in the fee and fundamentally opposed an increase in the fee without an improvement in services. Finally, the position was also addressed to the state of Baden-Württemberg with the request to financially support the Studierendenwerk. Since the meeting of the student parliament, the increase was prevented in the administrative board of the Studierendenwerk, among others, by the students. However, the issue is not yet off the table.

You can find the position paper at