Changes to our website

Surely some of you have already seen it: For some time now, our stuvus website ( has had a new design and also includes our corporate design colours, a special shade of blue and green.

In addition, there have been some changes to the widgets on the right side of the homepage. First of all, you will find an Instagram feed at the top. So if you don’t have Instagram, you can still see what we post on Instagram. If you go to one of the pictures, you will also see the text that goes with it. A little further down you will also find our event calendar. All important stuvus events in the coming months are listed here.

Furthermore, we have restructured our menu structure, added links to our social media accounts and have finally implemented a functioning search function.

For a better readability of our site, you now also have the possibility to view the site in dark mode.

Last but not least, we finally have a mobile website again. At this point we would like to apologise again for the errors on the mobile website and the inconvenience it caused.

If you have further input for our website or would like to contribute yourself, please feel free to contact us at