Building closure info

As announced in our story, the university has now sent out the information about study operations during the “closing weeks” (week 2 and week 3, the two weeks after the lecture-free period over Christmas) in an email to all students. Here is the most important information again:

  • There must not and will not be any restrictions on teaching, studying and examinations during the period.
  • As far as possible, lectures in the centrally administered and ventilated lecture halls will be offered online asynchronously.
  • Practical courses, seminars, exercises, excursions and all other interactive formats will continue to be offered in presence.
  • Access to study rooms, the university libraries and CIP pools will remain unchanged
  • Final theses will continue to take place

More information about the closure will be available on the university website in the next few days! The goal of the closure is to be more likely to meet the energy savings goals that the state requires of the university. We as stuvus, the Prorektorat Lehre and the Dezernat Studium have tried to find a good compromise between a complete closure of the university and the regular operation with these regulations.